TMR Game – Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the Too Much Racing Game!

This post contains a quick-start summary for entries to Week 5, the results from Week 4, and a few notes about Week 5’s racing.


There is only one race this week and that’s NASCAR Sprint Cup at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. All you have to do is pick 7 Cup drivers in a reply to this post. The deadline is Friday 26th February at 11.59pm GMT (that’s 6.59pm US Eastern). I’m hoping to attract a few more entries when the F1 and IndyCar seasons start in a fortnight, so get an entry in now to get a head-start even if you don’t know anything about Cup!

For the full results from Week 4, read on.


If you are new to the game, it is simply this:  Make a weekly pick of up to 10 drivers from a mix of racing series.

You might be a specialist in one championship and know nothing about the others – it doesn’t matter, just pick some names you’ve heard of and use your specialism wisely.
You might know a small amount about lots of series – it doesn’t matter, hopefully this game will help you learn more.

Don’t worry if you didn’t enter the first few weeks – there can be big differences in scoring from week to week so you have the chance to catch up, or how about just playing for fun?

How To Enter

1. Reply to this post.

2. List up to 10 drivers, with no more than 7 from a single event. In weeks with only one event you may pick a total of 7 drivers.

3. Send your entry before the stated deadline, usually some time on a Friday. You can make as many changes as you like until the closing point, I’ll take your last entry.

Good luck!

Further information can be found on the  game sub-page.

Scores from Week 4

Top Ten Finishers

Pos. Points NASCAR Cup – Fontana
1 50 Jimmie Johnson
2 40 Kevin Harvick
3 35 Jeff Burton
4 32 Mark Martin
5 30 Joey Logano
6 28 Kurt Busch
7 26 Matt Kenseth
8 24 Clint Bowyer
9 22 Tony Stewart
10 20 Greg Biffle

Jimmie Johnson is back on top after a poor opener at Daytona, and this seems to be something of a more representative finishing order generally – of course anything can happen in NASCAR. I plan to include the top finishers every week and I hope this’ll make the scoring a little clearer when you compare it to your entry – we can’t all check the results of every series included in the game!

Points Awarded This Week

Player NASCAR Week 4
1 James 178 178
2 The Speedgeek 170 170
3 Sebastian 164 164
4 Sean 162 162
5 Pat W 132 132
6 Dank 110 110
7 Burwellian 89 89
8 RG 85 85
9 Jon Waldock 85 85
10 Jackie 55 55
11 Startledbunny 3 3

Well done James! Our ‘resident’ NASCAR experts are up top this week as you might expect, while perhaps the rest of us are just trying to hang on until the other series start!

Overall Standings

Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 4 Total
1 2 1 James 381 178 559
2 4 2 The Speedgeek 366 170 536
3 1 -2 RG 444 85 529
4 3 -1 Dank 375 110 485
5 5 0 Pat W 342 132 474
6 6 0 Burwellian 338 89 427
7 8 1 Sebastian 239 164 403
8 9 1 Sean 227 162 389
9 7 -2 Jon Waldock 291 85 376
10 11 1 Jackie 119 55 174
11 10 -1 Startledbunny 142 3 145

We have a new leader as this week’s winner also takes the overall lead, chased by Speedgeek who knocks RG into 3rd. Sebastian and Sean are making serious progress now, very nearly scoring twice the points of their immediate competition. Startledbunny was the only non-entrant this week and his carryover entries only netted 3 points (it would be worth entering an all-NASCAR team to pick up more carryover points!).

You can see the difference between a good score and a bad score, and this is just with a single race, so there’s definitely hope for anyone still wishing to enter who hasn’t yet done so. Join us! Finally, a huge thank you to those who have entered so far, I really think the strategic element is yet to come and I hope you enjoy it.

Week 5

This is another NASCAR-only week for the game, as the Cup series visits Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While the entry list is here you may prefer to look at the points table or the results of the last race for pointers to current form – or you may want to try a different strategy to set yourself apart from the pack.

Looking further ahead, Week 6 will see the return of the WRC alongside NASCAR, and Week 7 is the one I’m really looking forward to with the first F1 and IndyCar rounds of the year (and Cup takes a week off). Week 8 has Sebring. Check the Game page for the full schedule. Exciting times lay ahead!

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11 thoughts on “TMR Game – Week 5

  1. Okay, last week I overestimated Roush and underestimated Childress. I’ll correct that.

    Jimmie Johnson
    Mark Martin
    Kurt Busch
    Kyle Busch
    Matt Kenseth
    Jeff Burton
    Clint Bowyer

  2. Hi Pat,

    Yay I got some points :)

    Here’s this weeks’ selection:
    Juan Pablo Montoya
    Kurt Busch
    Jimmie Johnson
    Brian Vickers
    Joey Logano
    Mark Martin
    Jamie McMurray

    Thank you.

  3. 6th… I’m happy with 6th. Will be tough to keep it if Seb & Sean keep racking up points though.

    So, to try and consolidate this week, my picks;

    Kevin Harvick
    Clint Bowyer
    Greg Biffle
    Juan Pablo Montoya
    Scott Speed
    Jamie McMurray
    Matt Kenseth

  4. Right, I think I’m getting to grips with who’s fast.. or who’s supposed to be fast :)

    Jimmie Johnson
    Jeff Gordon
    Mark Martin
    Greg Biffle
    Kevin Harvick
    Kyle Busch
    Juan Pablo Montoya

    Now watch as they all crash out!

  5. Isn’t Jackie polite? It reminds me that I have thought how much adding up and double-checking and preparing info for uploading Pat must have to do for all this so I add my own thank you.

    I have worked out that with missing the first week, my deficit to James is 156, which with 39 weeks left to score is exactly 4 points to make up per week. Unfortunately, James has outscored me in both the weeks I have entered so far. Drat.

    My choices:


    Jimmie Johnson
    Jeff Gordon
    Mark Martin
    Kurt Busch
    Denny Hamlin
    Tony Stewart
    Greg Biffle

  6. Ooooh

    Jamie McMurray
    Jeff Gordon
    Kurt Busch
    JP Montoya
    Matt Kenseth
    Jimmie Johnson
    Denny Hamlin

    Right, I’m not going to settle for third, no matter how early in the competition it is.

  7. Heheh, its no bother, I enjoy it.
    I keep forgetting to upload the file to Google Docs as someone requested the other week. I’ll do that when I’m less drunk.
    I was thinking about having a dropped-score rule. 43 weeks, maybe we drop the 3 worst scores. Is that a good or a bad idea?

  8. My reservation about dropped scores is they make the standings table so difficult to follow. Following a racing series that has dropped scores, the permutations at the end of the season become myriad. One driver will get less points for a higher finish than another will for a lower finish. You would have to include later in the season what an entrant’s score is, what it would be in brackets with their worst three scores so far dropped, and what score was highest of those three that they need to improve on to increase their final score, for the points table to be representative, and even then not easily so. Also, if a competitor never misses a week, their worst three scores are most likely to be amongst the six single-event weeks, particularly the more unpredictable NASCAR-only weeks.

    I still favour a minimum points score (although the suggestion of 80 points was too high, especially for a single event weekend) but I made the suggestion to the group and accept no one liked it enough to support it.

    Almost all of us are likely to forget or be unable to submit for one reason or another at some point in the season. Of the eleven players, three have missed one week and one two weeks (assuming The Speedgeek and Dank are happy to carry over this time – my selection is the same as last week). We might be down to three or four regulars by the end of the season since like evening classes, miss two or three and people do not come back.

    One suggestion is you do the weekly post earlier. It would be good to see the latest scores sooner rather than later and with the late post on Wednesday, if someone is working full-time and goes out on a Friday night after work, then that only leaves Thursday evening to remember to submit.

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