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TMR Game – Week 45 – 2010 Final Results

So here we are at long last, the final results of the 2010 Too Much Racing Game!

It has been a long road and I’m amazed to actually reach the finish line, a huge thank you to everyone who stayed, kept playing and helped out. I’m planning to continue into 2011 and I hope you’ll return too.

On to the results of the final week!

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On The Limit: Heikki at the Race of Champions

On Friday at the Race of Champions in Dusseldorf, many of the competing drivers did practice laps with various cars. As you may know, a passenger always rides alongside the driver for every run throughout the weekend, whether it be competition winner, sponsor, whatever. On the practice day the passengers were the members of the media.

Neil Cole (of Dave’s sadly ended WRC coverage) is acting as pit reporter for the event, he brought a camera with him for his run alongside Heikki Kovalainen in this Porsche, which I have shamelessly stolen until he tells me off. What you should definitely do is keep checking Neil’s YouTube account because he’s uploading things all weekend.


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Book Review at VivaF1

I’ve been reading a book this week for a review for, as part of their week of book reviews.

You’ll find the review here:  MotoGP: An Illustrated History

I hope you check it out because it is a really interesting book even if you are only casually interested in two-wheeled racing, and please do also look at the other reviews posted since Monday.

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On The Limit: IndyCar Out of Control

Kick ass.

Credit: Created by Matt Archuleta and blogged with permission, featuring fully-authorised footage from Versus and IMS Productions (brilliant that they both agreed). Song: “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, what an epic choice.


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TMR Game – Week 44

Welcome to Week 44 of the Too Much Racing Game!

* This is the final week! *

* Please leave any feedback and ideas for 2011 on this dedicated thread *

Racing this week:

DTM – Shanghai street race (not the F1 circuit);

Usual restrictions apply, pick up to 7 drivers in this lone race.

The cutoff is Saturday 27th November at 4.59am GMT that’s 11.59pm Friday night US EST.

For the full results from Week 43, read on. Continue reading


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Revisting the Blogger Swap Shop

You may remember in August, VivaF1 organised the first ‘Blogger Swap Shop’ to tide F1 bloggers over through the summer break. I wrote a post for VivaF1 and Leigh from the F1 & Motorsport Archive wrote a post here, just two examples among many other great swaps.

If you enjoyed those, good news, now we’re in the off-season there is going to be a whole series of them! Viva are soliciting as many bloggers as possible in the hope of getting a wide selection, so that we can write for as many different people as possible.

Just as last time there are already a mix of sites signed up: commentary blogs, satire blogs, analysis blogs, community blogs and any other flavour you can think of. In August everyone really raised their game and it was quite tough to come up with something, it’ll be interesting to see what happens this time!

Want to join in? Sign up here!


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