2012 Race Schedules

For the last two seasons I’ve created race schedules for use in Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and any other compatible diary system. 2012 is no exception and I can now announce the calendars for the year ahead are now, mostly, complete!

IWTMR Motorsport Calendar for May 2012 (click for Large)

If you want to track some of your favourite series and events, just load your selection of racing categories into your calendar so that you can make plans to watch live or set the DVR – and hopefully never miss another race!

Please go to the Calendar page for futher details and updates.

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9 responses to “2012 Race Schedules

  1. Super-useful! Simply awesome. Added all the championships to my gmail calendar. Thanks Pat! :)

  2. Kai

    Thank you, thank you!!! SO handy. So much work. I really appreciate it.

  3. That’s great effort and I was looking for this type of calendar. But it somewhat puzzled me to make acquainted with the calendar. Please add f1 and bike race series too in this calendar.

  4. Er, have you actually read the list?

  5. Well it would be great, people who are going for vacations they can make their schedule accordingly, as they would know about dates and all previously……..thanks buudy!

  6. They’ve been there all along, if they aren’t showing up could you let me know what you see when you try to add them?

  7. Philip

    Any chance of something similar for 2013?

  8. @Philip
    Yes! I’ve already started adding dates, hopefully they’ll appear if you scroll forward to March and I hope they won’t need you to re-add them.

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