* 2014 Update In Progress *

Keep up with your favourite racing series by adding IWTMR Calendars to your Google Calendar, iCal (iOS / Apple devices), Outlook, or any other service which supports the XML, ICAL or HTML formats. Just click the link for the series you want to import and it will appear in your calendar.

Scroll down to the table below to pick your championships!


IWTMR Motorsport Schedules for May 2012 in Google Calendar, with May 27 selected. (click for large)

This time listed by Agenda (click for large)

Updates for 2014

Formula 1

IMPORTANT – I moved F1 dates to a new calendar. When I first set these up I, without realising it was important, put F1 into the primary calendar of my Google Calendar. I need to use this for other things. Please use the new F1 calendar. Apologies for the hassle.

ALMS, Grand-Am and IMSA United SportsCar

The American Le Mans Series and the Grand-Am Rolex Series have merged. They are now one series called the IMSA TUDOR United SportsCar Championship (TUSC). I used the existing ALMS calendar for the new series, so if you already subscribed to my calendar for ALMS you don’t need to do anything except scroll into 2014. It has been renamed and you can find it under IMSA. I’ve reused the Rolex list to make a list for Super GT.

Grand-Am’s Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge (CTSC) has now been prefixed with IMSA so now the two series are shown together in your lists.

Super GT & Super Formula

By request I am covering Super GT in 2014. Since the GrandAm Rolex Series calendar is no longer required I used that, so if you followed GrandAm’s dates in 2013 and scroll forward you should see Super GT’s dates in 2014.
Super Formula is the sister series and it used to be called Formula Nippon. I’ll get those dates when I can.

Other New Additions: Formula E, Rallycross, Drag Racing

FIA Formula E.

FIA World Rallycross, FIA European Rallycross, Global Rallycross.

NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing, FIA European Drag Racing.

Formula 3

I decided to stop supporting open wheel series below FRenault 3.5 / AutoGP / Indy Lights, so that means no F3, no GP3, no Pro Mazda. Sorry.

Guidelines / Rules / Notes

I had to set some ground rules to keep things consistent and reduce the workload.

- One calendar per series. Sign up to the racing you are interested in, without getting loads you don’t care about.

- I haven’t included Practice/Qualifying. I tried this before and discovered if you follow more than 5 or 6 series all the sessions clog up the page and hide all the races. I decided to focus on what is important:  the racing!

- No race start times. While F1 is good about posting actual start times you’d be surprised how many series only publicise TV broadcast times in their own country – US series are very good at this. Actual start times are often available in PDFs buried deep in websites, often unavailable or unreliable until the week of the race. In my first year doing this I chased them around each week – never again! On top of that I’d have to work out the timezones and make sure Google saves it properly, which it doesn’t do as it likes to default back to Google HQ’s timezone on the US Pacific Coast. Too Much Hassle. I strongly recommend’s converter and map.

- No TV times. I don’t know where you live!

- If a series has 2 or 3 races in one day they are represented with a single entry and I try to note that in the entry.
If there are two or more races spread over two days they get an entry per day. Rallies and other multi-day / multi-stage events get one long entry spanning several days.
My reasoning:  if BTCC, WTCC and V8 Supercars all race the same day that could be 5 or 6 entries which soon clutters up the diary. It is better to have 3 entries with notations saying “2 races”.

- The ‘Misc’ calendar is a catch-all for other things like Dakar Rally, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, Isle of Man TT, Nurburgring 24 Hours, Bathurst 12 Hours.

- The ‘Other Sport’ calendar I made for my own benefit and made it public in 2012 for the Olympics & Paralympics. I find it helps work out clashes between important sports events and races we might want to see. It actually helps track the year go by as well, when suddenly you get to the Tour de France and realise it is July already..

- I’ve been running these calendars since the 2011 racing season. I like to think I’m getting good at it but I still miss things, and dates are changed sometimes without me noticing. If you see any errors or would like to see any additions please let me know.

- If you find these useful please do share them. Spread the word!

- One last thing – please DO NOT add your own events to these lists. Make your own separate calendar for that. I will remove unauthorised items. I think I’ve turned off the option for you to add items so only I can do it, but I can never be sure.

Calendar List

I’ve included all three links provided to me by the system. Try them and pick the best one suited to your app.

For Google Calendar:   click the HTML link then click the +GoogleCalendar icon on the bottom right.
For Apple devices (iPhone, iPad):   click the ICAL link

The series official website is on the left, the name in the middle and three calendar options on the right, and if you aren’t sure which to use try them one at a time until one works the way you want it.

Series Calendar Format
FIA F1 FIA Formula One World Championship XML ICAL HTML
IndyCar IndyCar Series (Indy 500) XML ICAL HTML
FR3.5 Formula Renault 3.5 XML ICAL HTML
SuperFormula Super Formula XML ICAL HTML
Indy Lights Indy Lights XML ICAL HTML
FIA WEC FIA World Endurance (Le Mans 24) XML ICAL HTML
IMSA USC IMSA United Sportscar (Daytona 24, Sebring 12) XML ICAL HTML
ELMS European Le Mans Series (ELMS) XML ICAL HTML
Asian LMS Asian Le Mans Series (AsianLMS) XML ICAL HTML
Cont. Tire IMSA Continental Tire Challenge (CTSC) XML ICAL HTML
BSS Blancpain Sprint (it was FIA GT) XML ICAL HTML
BES Blancpain Endurance (Spa 24) XML ICAL HTML
Int’l GT Open International GT Open XML ICAL HTML
24H 24H Series (Creventic) (Dubai 24) XML ICAL HTML
British GT British GT XML ICAL HTML
Britcar Britcar British Endurance XML ICAL HTML
DTM Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters XML ICAL HTML
V8SC V8 Supercars Australia XML ICAL HTML
WTCC FIA World Touring Car Championship XML ICAL HTML
BTCC MSA British Touring Car Championship XML ICAL HTML
NSC Sprint Cup (Daytona 500) XML ICAL HTML
NNS Nationwide Series XML ICAL HTML
NCWTS Camping World Truck Series XML ICAL HTML
BSB British Superbikes XML ICAL HTML
FIA WRC FIA World Rally Championship XML ICAL HTML
FIA ERC FIA European Rally Championship XML ICAL HTML
FIA WRX FIA World Rallycross Championship XML ICAL HTML
FIA ERX FIA European Rallycross Championship XML ICAL HTML
GRX Global Rallycross XML ICAL HTML
NHRA NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series XML ICAL HTML
FIA EDRC FIA European Drag Racing Championship XML ICAL HTML
MISC Dakar, Nurb.24, IoM TT, Goodwood XML ICAL HTML
OTHER Tour de France, Olympics, World Cup XML ICAL HTML


I hope you find them useful!

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  2. gnaz

    was looking desperately for something like that. works perfect on Mozilla Sunbird. Thank You very much

  3. Thanks, glad you like it.

  4. Mike B

    Absolutely awesome, thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to put this together!

  5. Gabe

    Thanks for much for doing this again. I used it last year and it was terrific!

  6. Omri

    Thanks for the effort, this works perfectly!

  7. ivan

    Thanks a ton! Very useful stuff!

  8. Wayne

    Fantastic effort! I missed the first rounds of BTCC and WRC because I didn’t have a calendar. Thanks to these, I won’t miss anymore. Duly bookmarked in the hope you’ll do them for next year too. :)

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  10. NIque

    Hey fella

    Cracking calendars…could I suggest adding a BSB calendar?


  11. Wayne, yes I plan to do these every year and I start putting them together in February or late Jan, so keep an eye out then! If you stay subscribed to the calendars though, the new events should appear automatically in 2012. I hope.

    Nlque, I’m never sure what to include or not to include. I’ll see if I can get a BSB calendar on there over the weekend.

    Thanks for the comments. :)

  12. some1ok

    Great that this web exists, I find these calendars extremely helpful for racing fans!!!

  13. JK

    I just came across this today, but even though this season is mostly over, its still appreciated. I hope you stick with it for next season too. Excellent job.

  14. Dunc

    this year is the first time I have used you calendar, it has been invaluable in helping me to plan. looking forward to next year if you find time to do it all again.


  15. I have only just found this – any plans for a 2012 version(s)??

  16. Thanks all, much appreciated. :)
    There will be a 2012 version, I’m waiting for some of the dates to become more solid because there’s a lot yet to be confirmed: will F1 and WEC go to Bahrain, will F1 go to Austin, when will IndyCar and LMS announce dates.

    I may make a start on some of the other series in the next week or two. I’m also considering merging the calendars so instead of one calendar per series there’s per theme, e.g. ‘Major Open Wheel’, ‘Endurance’, ‘Junior’, ‘Rally’ etc. I’ll see how it looks when I put it together.

    I may have to delete some of the existing ones so be ready to resubscribe. :)

    But I won’t ‘launch’ them properly until early January, I suspect.

  17. Glenn

    Just discovered this site. Exactly what I’m looking for. I see the value of grouping but also like the idea of selecting individual series. This will be great once the schedules are all confirmed. I really appreciate the work you put into these calendars.

  18. Thanks Glenn. Perhaps if I do group them I’ll keep them independent from series, then people can choose which they want?

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  20. Great, just what I’ve been looking for, thanks!

  21. Looking good, thanks. Some of the series I downloaded just have the venue / track but not what event it is – with a lot being downloaded this will be a bit confusing to see what is what!

  22. If you click the event it should tell you the series but annoyingly only the first word. Perhaps I’ll add it to the event name as well. Thanks.

  23. Geoff, I’ve updated the calendars with series names in each entry and I have to say it looks much improved – thanks for the idea!

  24. Pat
    If you weren’t busy enough I thought that some UK motoring events, historic rallies and the calendar off Practical Classics (latest issue would be brilliant!! (gets his hat….)!!

  25. James

    Perfect. Thank you very much for taking the time put it all together.

    It’s so nice to click a few times on my iPhone and have F1, MotoGP, ALMS etc all sorted for the year.

  26. Dunc

    it’s great to see the 2012 schedules, thank you for putting in the time and effort to bring us these dates. I watch 10 different series and your calendars are just perfect in helping me plan the forthcoming events.
    well done & many thanks, really appreciated.

  27. Skyracer_1

    Thank you so much saved my loads of time

  28. LinzeyJoy

    THANK YOU for your wonderful calendars!!!!!!

  29. GNAZ

    used the calendars last year and I will do again. very helpfull. thanks a lot for your effort. is it possible to have Practice and Qualifying for some of the events like last year ? it was perfect.

  30. Thanks the comments, I’m amazed how popular these have become!

    Sorry GNAZ I won’t be doing practice/qualifying this time, except for Indy and Le Mans. For all other events the qualifying sessions are either the same day or the day before, so I thought showing the race day was enough of an indication. For further information see the series websites or local TV listings.

  31. PAT W

    thanks for your calendars, my Outlook now looks like the flags of nations!!!

    One question though, I have an HTC Android phone and the only thing it will synch with is a default calendar but I can’t import these dates into it. Any suggestions?


  32. PAT W……..No worries, got it sorted out.



  33. zmf

    You are awesome. Thank you so much for putting these up!

  34. Can you create a iCal for NHRA? Thanks!

  35. If I find the time over the next few days I may do NHRA but it isn’t a series I follow, I don’t know anything about drag racing..

  36. James

    I really miss start times :(

  37. MTJ

    Awesome Calendars! Thanks for taking the time to put these together.

  38. Thank you a million times!!! :-)

  39. Miso

    Wow, impressive. Thanks a lot for sharing and effort. ;)

  40. Scott

    Cant believe I cant find a Supercross or Motocross calendar anywhere.

  41. Gren Nation

    Great calendars and all in one place! Many thanks.

  42. Wow! Just what I was looking for.
    Thank you!

  43. Glenn

    Is the Ferrari Challenge series the same as an existing calendar?

  44. Thank you! Great calendars in one place.

  45. I haven’t got any of the Ferrari Challenge series listed, sorry.

  46. Glenn

    Thanks for reply. So few races in the series I can easily add them manually. So happy you take the time to create these calendars for all us race fans.

  47. Blake

    Just wanted to say thanks for this. If only I knew about this before writing down all the racing dates down by hand in my organiser :-)

  48. Hi, any chance you could do a calendar for the britcar race series, their website is

  49. It looks like there are only 3 races left and one is non-championship, but yes maybe next year. :) Thanks for the suggestion.

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  52. Loco

    Is not workin in iPad 3

  53. @Loco
    The iCal link should work? Maybe Apple changed something. I don’t have a device to test it with.

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  55. Jp

    OK, season’s over..
    Got the F1 and IndyCar 2013 calendar
    When you puttin’ out that CUP and NNS one?

  56. Some time over the next few couple of weeks, that’s nearly 70 races to put in. :)

  57. spider

    I take it the ones shown are still the 2012 events?
    Will these be taken off and new ones added as and when?

  58. If you scroll forward to 2013 they are all there, those I have added so far.

  59. spider

    I’m looking on this page but can’t see anything that says 2013 schedules!! Linky please?

  60. If you add the 2012 schedules and look forward to next year (try April 2013) they are there for F1, IndyCar, WEC, ALMS, ELMS, Grand-Am, MotoGP, WRC, BTCC and WTCC. If you can’t see them can you please tell me what steps you are taking so I can try to replicate the error?

  61. spider

    Ah, gotcha now, thanks!

  62. BJ

    Thank you! Really appreciate these, they are a great help!

  63. I’m amazed these are getting ever more popular!

    For those following the comments but not the main post, the following series are updated for 2013:
    Single Seater – F1, IndyCar
    NASCAR – Sprint Cup, Nationwide & Trucks
    Sportscar – WEC, ALMS, ELMS, Grand-Am Rolex Series (but not Continental Tyre)
    Rally – WRC
    Touring – WTCC, BTCC, DTM
    Bikes – MotoGP

    I’ll be working on these soon:
    GP2, FR3.5, AutoGP, Indy Lights,
    FIA GT, GA Conti Tyre, V8 Supercar, ERC (replacing IRC),

    I intend to add these:
    Asian Le Mans Series, Creventic’s 24h Series (Dubai & Bathurst currently in ‘Misc’ section), Britcar British Endurance Series, British GT.

  64. I am so glad I found these calendars, thanks for putting in the time/effort!

  65. Rob Kauffman

    this is a great help – thanks much. Rob Kauffman Co-Owner Michael Waltrip Racing.

  66. Thanks Rob, glad you find these useful and best of luck at the 24 this weekend. :)

  67. Thank you so much. Your efforts put the racing series to shame. You’d think NASCAR, etc. PR reps would do this as effectively, but they don’t for some reason. If you’re ever in Texas I owe you a beer.

  68. danwray

    I was thinking about doing something like this, because i couldnt find any reliable calendars anywhere. I stumbled upon this and could not be happier, thankyou very much.

  69. Just to confirm for those subscribed to comments – the calendars are now *fully updated for 2013*. Please visit the site as some changes have been made since last season.

    Thanks for the comments guys, yes you’d think the series themselves would do this instead of just a link on their website but there you go!

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  71. Ben

    SHABBBBBBBBA!!!! You rox.

  72. @jordanlenssen

    An amazing resource, thank you so much. I’m recommending this to everyone!

  73. Emil Forsmark

    Just imported new calendars. Thank you very much for the effort to create these!

  74. Tom

    As always, phenomenal work, mate! Cannot thank you enough! :)

  75. Tim

    Brilliant – so useful – thank you very much

  76. Steve C

    I appear to be an idiot, I can’t add them to my google calendar.
    If I use “add from URL” I get an error.
    If I save the files then use the “Import” option, I also get an error.

    Clearly everyone else is having no trouble, could somebody explain what this idiot is doing wrong?

  77. Steve C

    Disregard the above…….it’s all about the little + button in the bottom right ;)

    Brilliant work BTW ;)

  78. I must be honest it never occurred to me to try adding via URL, Steve!

    I’m not sure how the links behave with different browsers. In Firefox if you click the XML links above you will be asked whether you want to subscribe, however this doesn’t work in Chrome, all you get there is raw XML code.

    Looks like you’ve stumbled across the HTML link which have a ‘+ Google Calendar’ logo at the bottom. I’d best update the post to mention that. :) Thanks.

  79. Adam Anderson

    Top effort. That’s WRC and BTCC calendars sorted

  80. Mike King

    thanks for this! you are the best resource for moto racing calendar files.

  81. Paul S

    Excellent site, and found by accident.
    Keep up the good work.

  82. billm99uk

    Good stuff. Thanks a lot!

    Is the V8 Supercars one still on the 212 schedule though, or am I just doing it wrong? And when are you planning to do the F3 Euroseries ICAL version please? Now that Motors are doing it live (allegedly!) it’s going to come in very useful!

  83. billm99uk

    Sorry, should have typed ’2012 schedule’ there!

  84. Gren Nation

    Just installed Outlook for Mac and loaded most of the calendars, the iCal format works perfectly.
    Thanks, Pat

  85. billm99uk -
    V8 Supercar is present and correct for 2013, or should be! If you check May 19th this year you should see the new Texas race?
    Euro F3 iCal has somehow corrupted, I can’t make it work so I removed the link. I need to make a new calendar for it without screwing over the people who already subscribed to the current one by other means. Might have to run an identical pair just for this year.

  86. Formula 3 updated, give it a try.

  87. billm99uk

    V8s seems to have worked this time. Thanks! Strange though, as I tried it a few times before posting. Must have been doing something wrong though.

    The F3 ICAL version is just giving “Feed Processing Error” at the moment though.

  88. Ah! My fault. I forgot to make it public. :) Try again now.

  89. billm99uk

    That works fine now. Thanks a lot!

  90. Exactly what I was looking for! The iCal calendars imported perfectly on my Mac into a single “Sports” calendar I already had and I love that you prefix each race with the series abbreviation. Thanks!

  91. zdfgs

    Nice, just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  92. Kai

    Thank you for this, Pat. With such a busy motor sport weekend, I knew I could turn to you to help me keep track of it all. You’re such a great resource.

  93. Kai

    …and now I see, thanks to putting all the calendars in one spot, that the only race this weekend is China. I get email notifications from the different races I want to see, and I was worried I’d miss something. DVR is fired up and ready.

  94. marcos

    Thanks for the great idea and for the effort! It would be great to have the japanese super gt as well! cheers

  95. have you got links to just a 2013 calender with everything on at all?

  96. If you add them all it would have everything on the same page.

    If you’d rather have something in the format of a wallplanner, I recommend Andy Blackmore’s here:
    He covers a slightly different range of series.

  97. This is great. Thank-you so much for compiling these calendars.

  98. Jimmy

    Great! Thanks for these… Without trying to sound ungrateful, what are the chances of adding times onto these?

  99. Thanks Jimmy. No chance at all – I tried that before and it is a lot of work! A lot of series don’t release start times until the month or even the week of the event. And then a lot of US-based series like to state only their TV broadcast time, not the actual green flag time.

  100. Jimmy

    Pat, thanks for the response… That’s a shame, I thought it might have caused many issues. I’ll see if I can add some times myself on a separate calendar entry closer to the day :) cheers!

  101. m lee

    youre the freakin man ive been doing this manually for a long time with all sports and racing. saved me tons of time for the smaller series.

  102. Saurabh

    thanks alot … these are very very helpful…
    will u update them for the next season too ?

  103. Yeah that’s the plan. I’m not sure when I’ll do it, I like to wait until the dates have stopped being moved around, so maybe after December’s FIA meeting.

  104. Bill Bundy

    This is an excellent resource and makes my motorsport watching life much easier! I would kiss you if I could, but you are a bloke…

  105. Joe Racer

    Add Pikes Peak hill climb to misc

  106. Joe Racer

    I would love to see a Super GT schedule on this site as well that Pikes Peak I mentioned above. Love this site, great resource. Thanks for putting it together.

  107. By multiple requests, Super GT has been added for 2014.
    PIkes Peak is an excellent idea, thanks.

  108. Actually.. I’ve put Super GT in the old Grand Am Rolex Series calendar, since we won’t need that any more.
    You will find the new IMSA United SportsCar series on the old ALMS calendar.

  109. FIA Formula E added.

  110. If you followed the F1 calendar please be aware you will need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the new links in this post. Apologies but I accidentally used the primary calendar and I need that for other things.

  111. gaz slevin

    I know I have said it on the MWMLC, but thanks a million for doing this Pat. It is such a useful resource.

    If I can make one suggestion, why not add the HSCC fixtures?

  112. Great Resource – Thanks

  113. Mike J

    Brilliant work, thanks for making it easy. Feels great to have dates added to my iCal for next year. Glad I bookmarked your site from last year (maybe year before).

  114. For those following the comments, I have now input all the 2014 dates for the series I covered in 2013, that includes the three primary NASCAR series.

    I’ve also added the following:
    FIA European Drag Racing
    FIA World Rallycross
    FIA European Rallycross
    Global Rallycross

    Dates not released yet:
    Super Formula (what was F Nippon).
    Global Rallycross.
    FIA European Drag

    Name change:
    FIA GT is now Blancpain Sprint, a sister series to Blancpain Endurance. I nearly put them into a single calendar but for 2014 let’s just see how it develops.

    Sorry but I won’t be including F3, GP3, Pro Mazda or any historic racing this coming season.

  115. Mr. X

    can you double check each calendar I think they are some changes

  116. “Mr X”… feel free to narrow it down…!

  117. nicolasobrien

    Hi, when do you think you will have the V8 Supercars 2014 Calendar up & published?

  118. @Nicolas
    V8 Supercar calendar was finished about 2 weeks ago so hopefully you can see it now.

  119. There is no GP3, I love you a little less right now lol

  120. Robert

    Everything I wanted in one place. Thank you for maintaining these.

  121. @Karol :) GP3 is the same as GP2 but without Bahrain or Monaco.
    Perhaps I could change the GP2 description so it says GP2+GP3..

  122. Snips

    How about a road racing (Bikes) calendar IOM TT, NW200 Macau etc etc, love what your doing though thank you :)

  123. Bruno

    Amazing. Thank you.

  124. alibenski

    This is very much appreciated! truly amazing effort! Thank you very much for sharing and maintaining the calendars!

  125. Rob

    A truly wonderful resource. Thanks for updating it all! You’ve made one motorsport fan very happy :)

  126. I thank you so much for your great work. Another motorsports fan who really appreciates what you did. I shared this with several people who also loved the work you did.

  127. Mark

    Many thanks for your hard work on these!

    Mark from Los Angeles

  128. Chuck

    Many,many thanks for your efforts in putting these calendars together. Wish you had a donate option as I would gladly pay for these every year! Great job!

  129. Andy

    You save me hours each year! Definitely better without the quali/practice entries when you’re following a lot of series.

    And thanks for all the bike stuff. MotoGP/WSBK/BSB – I watch them all. Great stuff. Thanks.

    One point: with the BSB, some rounds are triple headers (with a race on quali day (Sat) as well. I don’t think I saw this represented in the calendar.

  130. Thanks guys. :)

    Andy, thanks, no I hadn’t noticed that about BSB! I just thought they were still on double-headers. I’ll look it up and make the modifications this week.

    I do need to make time to review the dates, changes often happen at this time of year.

  131. Andy

    Hey Pat,

    There was one other question that I have. Do I need to re-add the calendars each year or do they automatically update (I’m using the html link and adding to my Google calendar)? Does me renaming them break them?

  132. It depends how you use them. If you import into an online calendar like Google then just scroll along as it ought to update by itself (I hope).
    If you use them offline you will need to re-sync or re-download not just every year but every few months to make sure you have the most recent data..

    As noted above, this year everybody will need to re-download F1 because I changed it.

  133. Andy

    Perfect, I should be fine then. I know WSBk at least has one unknown race so it will be nice to know updates just happen!

  134. tony

    Awesome work there. Could you make a calendar for British F3, FIA Formula 3, Euro Formula Open, STCC & ADAC GT Masters ? :)

    British F3:
    FIA F3:
    Euro Formula Open:
    ADAC GT Masters:

  135. Formula 3 is a minefield. There are so many F3 series around the world and if I include one I should include them all. And that’s too hard!

    If enough people demand the other two then I’ll do them but in 3 years this is the first time they’ve been mentioned..

  136. Missing Porsche GT3 cup (sponsored by yokohama)

  137. andren79

    Thank you so much! You have no idea how much time you saved me. Wait, you actually do :)

  138. Jeff D.

    OMG thank you so much for this, love you :)

  139. Eduard

    Thank you!!! Great job!!!

  140. Ricardo

    Thank you absolutely an awesome job

  141. Alan

    Just had to say thanks for putting these together. I found your site looking for a BTCC calendar, left with half a dozen more and a big grin. Nice one fella.

  142. Mr. Too Much Racing – thank you very much! This is fantastic and I appreciate you taking the time to help us racing freaks get organized! Kudos!!!

  143. dingus

    fantastic effort, I take a bow

  144. thanks alot, this wud have taken hours…

  145. alfred

    Need all info about Indy car

  146. DreadUK

    Hey alfred, what did your last slave die of? It certainly wasn’t your manners cos you don’t have any. Try saying ‘please’ the next time you ask for something from someone who is doing this for nothing!

  147. Hah, thanks Dread. :)

    IndyCar and Indy Lights dates are in, for everything else I recommend More Front Wing’s excellent Event Summaries which go up in the week of each race, e.g.

    Just as an update guys, I’m quite busy with work-related stuff so apologies if there have been any date changes I’ve not reflected here. I’ll be doing a review of it soon to make sure everything is current.

  148. Wow this calendar is fantastic. I noticed that the Global Rallycross dates haven’t been added though. The first race is Saturday, May 24th 2014.

  149. Pat, you’re welcome. Manners cost sod all. Your time and effort is appreciated by the rest of us. Thank you.

  150. alihelmy

    This is absolutely spot on excellent. Thanks for this

  151. Arturo

    Thank you so much for this!

  152. orcadog

    This is just what I was looking for. Many thanks for putting this out there!

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