If you want to contact me you can find out how here, below that I’ll write a few words about myself.


I’m very lucky that my blog has grown over time from a handful of friends to a modestly respectable readership (although it is very hit and miss). I’m happy with the growth of the site. Occasionally though it breeds attention from marketers, so before I hand out my details please read this:

- This is essentially a personal blog for my thoughts about racing. I have no interest whatsoever in turning it into a news site, becoming a journalist or marketer, or ‘taking content’. Emails requesting such are likely to be ignored.

- I rarely take guest posts and only from people I know. Get to know me and gain my trust before you ask!

- Blogroll: Sidebar links tend to be people I actually read or interact with. They are my personal recommendations and are not for sale or trade.

- Adverts: I occasionally run sidebar adverts to help pay my costs. If you want to do something like this make me an offer. Please note I don’t want to have more than 1 or 2 at a time. I don’t have a rate card or anything so make an offer.

- If you are one of these SEO people who wants to give me a blog post, tenuously connected to racing or not at all, just so you can put your client’s link on the end, that’s classed as an advertorial whether you like that or not! You’re the ones who turned links into a commodity so don’t be surprised if bloggers start asking for payment - we don’t want the content, we’re doing you a service.

- Reviews:  If I do a review it is usually off my own back because I feel it is worth a review. If I review something I will call it as I see it, the good and the bad, so if you offer something please bear that in mind. I don’t tend to do reviews.

Contact Details

Email: toomuchracing (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter:  @toomuchracing

Facebook & Google+:  I currently only operate personal accounts though I’ve wondered about setting up IWTMR pages.  I’ll only add you as a friend/circle if I know who you are – if I only know your racing alias and you add me with your real name, please tell me who you are so I can add you back!

About Me

I’m Pat and I watch too much racing – although I don’t watch as much as I did when I started the blog with this name. I read more articles and blog posts about it than is surely healthy. I’ve got a stack of books to read about it but never seem to find the time because I’m watching races. People say I should stop and get a hobby. This is my hobby.

I was born in 1980 – I don’t update this page often enough to write my current age. I live in a moderately small town on the South coast of England, far enough West that we aren’t like that lot in Surrey but far enough East that we’re not cut off from civilisation like those Cornish. I have a healthy/unhealthy sense of cynicism. I’ve been watching racing since the late 80s, seriously got into the detail of F1 from the late 90s, until I realised watching several series was much more fun than knowing one series to a high level of detail.

I prefer writing to talking but writing is quite hard sometimes – keeping a blog up to date is surprisingly difficult. I really like Tweeting. I’m cursed with fast typing fingers so I tweet a lot. I retweet even more.

My focus is on F1, IndyCar, MotoGP and big-time sportscars, with a spot of rally and a spot of touring cars. I’d follow NASCAR but nobody in their right mind can stay on top of 36 x 4-hour races plus a bunch of support categories.

My favourites are the classics:  Monaco GP, Indy 500, Le Mans 24 Hours.

I’m not a journalist and have no interest in being one. That said, I do believe in responsible writing especially on social media like Twitter.


I’ve been watching motorsport since I was a kid in the 80s growing up watching the F1 battles between Senna, Prost and Mansell. There was a time when I drifted away as a casual fan but when I was 18 I got heavily into it again, more so than ever before and also started watching BTCC and WRC. Two years later I got my own access to Eurosport for a while and started watching sportscars, European touring cars and especially CART. It was a whole new world! As child in the 80s/90s in the UK you were basically taught that racing was “F1 or nothing, everything else is a sideshow” – how wrong they were. I lost my Eurosport access when I moved. These days I watch what I can legitimately on TV and online, the rest via ‘other means’.

I set up this blog to share enthusiasm about different types of racing to different people. A lot of F1 fans, IndyCar fans, NASCAR fans.. they only watch their own series and a few other things. They miss so much good stuff! I wanted to tell them about it. These days people watch all sorts of racing so my original remit is happily redundant. Nowadays I take more of a back seat and write posts whenever I feel like it.

US Open Wheel

For a long time I was firmly on the CART side of ‘The Split’. Despite only being able to watch races properly for a couple of years before having to resort to reading race reports, it was gut-wrenching when first Penske, then Ganassi and Green packed up and moved to IRL. Mid 2003 I was no longer able to watch the races having moved out of a cabled area and not having Sky. I tried to keep up with the news but the news was disappointing.

By 2006/7 I finally was able to watch live again using (the renamed) Champ Car’s online player – the series was nothing like it used to be, despite good racing at the front much of the field seemed padded with nobodies and last-chancers. The previous few years had seen some terrible mismanagement and greed from all parties. In the last 18 months of Champ Car I started to learn about the other side of the fence and became a fan of ‘new’ IRL too, the series it became after it included road courses. New IRL of the day seemed very different to old IRL and more in keeping with my tastes – top drivers in top teams racing on a rough balance of roads and ovals. For some of 2006 and all of 2007 I watched both series – despite problems, both featured great racing.

Now the current IndyCar Series is different again, the best it has been since those days of 2000/2001 and in fact better because the self-interest seems more controlled, the series is being reorganised and is on an upward path.

Touring Cars

I used to be a big BTCC fan but then Super Touring got stupid and forced out all the teams. I didn’t like the BTC cars and was glad when S2000 came in. I stopped watching for a while when Plato and Neal started playing bumper cars with little penalty (because TOCA knows a rivalry brings in ratings). The new cars drew me back, they still do it but I’ll keep watching for a bit. I watched the ETCC become the WTCC and then tail off again. WTCC doesn’t work for me unless it has 2 or 3 manufacturers up front. I hope both series get better. DTM has exciting cars and crap races.


I love Le Mans as much as I love Monaco, Spa and Indy. I’m a big fan of multi-class racing featuring prototypes and GTs. I struggle to remain interested in a race made up only of GT cars, I suspect I’d say the same of a field made up only of LMPs. The diversity makes it fun. I like endurance races but can’t always dedicate the time.

The one thing I don’t like is that some sportscar fans are as high-and-mighty about their branch of the sport as F1 fans used to be about theirs, 10-15 years ago. They like to look down on everyone else and mock then even if the racing they mock is just as good. F1 now is great but they still mock it as if it is as dull as it was in the early 2000s. I have little time for such people.


I don’t pay much attention to NASCAR. It isn’t possible to watch 36 x 3 hour races per year let alone support races. I doubt it is possible to watch even half that much. There’s so much of it there is no way anyone can keep up unless they do it as a job. It is a shame because there is some good racing among the commercials and hype and crap that goes with it, underneath all that it would be a good series to follow. But there’s so much I tend to walk away from all of it.

7 responses to “About

  1. Joseph Alsarraf

    Hey, I like your website and I agree with you about watching too much racing. There are alot of races that I want to watch like Indy and F1 but, I don’t have enough time to so, I just watch my favorite races like Grand Am and American Le mans. there are only about 10 races each year. Do you know of any site that will show me the whole Grand Am six hours of the Glen?

  2. Thanks Joseph. Sadly I don’t know anything showing the 6 Hours but you could try looking at http://www.justin.tv under the Racing section. I don’t know if anyone covers that series though.

  3. Hey, thanks, that website really helped me find more live races to watch. I wish I had since this reply earlier. the reason I just found it was because I was searching for my blog on the internet.

  4. Pat,

    good blog. I have been following Motorsport in almost every guise since the 1960′s when my Dad won the Macau GP. I watched Jaguar win at Le Mans in the early 90′s (91?) and I went back on my bike in 2005 to watch the MotoGP event. I live round the corner from Brands Hatch and watched Bayliss and Haga battle (Bayliss was promoting the new Superman movie at the time and had the ‘S’ logo on his back and chest) over the SBK championship and regukarly go to watch the British Superbikes which are spectacular; in many ways better than SBK and MotoGP because it’s so much closer and personal. Sidecar events are one of the best Motorsport events to watch especially at Brands as you can see so much of the track. I’m not so impressed with British Touring cars these days, the cars they are using and the specs. they are restricted by don’t really inspire me unlike DTC which is monster cars attracting Europe’s best drivers either heading for, or leaving F1.

    F1 has been a disappointment over the last few years. My enduring moan is to eradicate artificially induced downforce on cars altogether to allow following through corners before slipstreaming down straights. Then allow a free engine choice, run what ya brung. As for going to SKY, I will never pay Murdoch a penny for his services and I will find a pirate feed to watch the live Sky races or I’ll abandon F1 altogether and go to Brands and watch real Club racing. Sad after nearly 50 years but the BBC ought to be taken out and shot for betraying the British public paying a licence fee!

    OK…..rant over. Keep racing! and blogging.

  5. Thanks David. It sounds like you’ve seen a lot of great racing! I’m envious of you living so close to Brands Hatch, it must be a dream.

    I agree I think they should reduce downforce and wings, maybe not completely but certainly by more than they did with the narrow rear wings. Narrow the front wing as well, for a start. I’d love to see V12 vs V10 vs V8 again. Turbo, N/A, all sorts. It’s why I like LMP prototypes, you get all sorts at a pace not too far off F1.

    I won’t be paying for Sky simply because I don’t have £360 per year to give. Even if I did, I don’t think it’s worth it just to watch a sport even if I love the sport.

  6. Hi
    Really enjoy reading your blog and your perspectives on the races. Have found your blog a great resource for researching race events. I’ve just started my own WordPress blog which is focused on my amateur motorsport photography adventures (DLYmotorsportimages.com). If you get a chance to check it out please let me known what you think. I plan to update the blog on a monthly basis.



  7. Hugo

    Idk where you live but if you ever find yourself in NJ, I’ll gladly buy you a beer!! Thanks for your time. Great way to stay on top of the racing season.

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