Site Rules

Rules of the Blog

There are only a few rules, or guidelines.

- Be nice.

- Be respectful. Be aware that my background is old-school newsgroups so I can handle trolls, I *will* bite back. :)

- The odd swear is fine (we’re all human), just try not to do it too much – if every other word is a swear you’ll be moderated.

- There is no reason to post as the default ‘Anonymous’. If you want to be anonymous I’m sure you can think of an alter-ego. This isn’t going to be one of those blogs with three people called Anonymous arguing with each other!

This is intended as a place for well-reasoned discussion and sharing of opinions, and also to try and show people that the racing is often just as good outside their comfort zone, if they would just spend 10 minutes learning the drivers and teams.

If you want to contact me please read the Contact/About page.

Rules of the Twitter Account

Somehow I’ve accumulated a lot of followers on Twitter. I tend to follow a few rough rules/guidelines, though like everything they’re pretty flexible.

- I use Twitter to follow people who talk about racing. If you don’t talk about racing, or spend most of your time talking about other stuff, I may unfollow you without saying so. Please don’t be offended.

- I don’t pay attention to follower counts. I don’t care if you have 5000 or 50. I won’t retweet your plea to reach an arbitrary number you’ve plucked from the sky. I check mine from time to time because I’m as vain as you are but I won’t plead anyone for more and I dislike when others do. It isn’t a competition to reach the most.

- By the same token, if you quote your follower count as a justification for an opinion, you’re an idiot.

- I try and keep it loosely family-friendly but a few swears creep in, I’m not really hung up about it. I don’t actively try to swear to look cool. It may happen more when drunk.

- I retweet a lot. Deal with it.

- I’m not a journalist or a reporter, but I do feel it important to get things right. Mistakes happen in social media and I try not to rush on to bandwagons but it is very easy to do.

- I follow a lot of people who are journalists, reporters and trusted link sharers and I like to retweet their work. I often can’t add anything to what they’re reporting so I hit RT instead.

- I like to live-tweet F1, IndyCar and a few other things. I try not to flood your stream but because I can type quite quickly it is very easy to get carried away! This’ll be much more noticeable if you follow under 100 people. I am trying to move away from telling you what you’ve seen on TV, that’s a terrible habit.

- I don’t like attention-seekers. Continual begging (‘Please RT!!’) will be ignored. It doesn’t matter how good the link is, if you continually nag and bug people about it I’ll just ignore you. The odd repeated plug is fine, different people are on at different times, but don’t take the Mickey.

By the way, just because I can type quickly and tweet a lot doesn’t mean I’m very sociable in real life..

Personal Twitter

I have a personal account. I’m not sharing it here but cursory sharing will find it, and if you follow my racing feed you’ll see me retweet it from time to time.

This is where I talk about things away from racing. I don’t use my personal account anything like as much as the racing one, but when I do that’s where you’ll find off-topic stuff. Sometimes I’ll put it on both because I think my racing fan buddies might like it too. I know some people follow both, so sorry to those for the duplication.

When it comes to the personal account, my thoughts are my thoughts as if I were talking aloud with my friends, and that might sometimes includes swears and forthright opinions.. and drunk tweets. If you follow this account I expect you to be able to handle that.

I’m more choosy who I follow here because it is ‘my’ account and not the one for the blog. Nothing personal.

Important Tip

I’m amazed how many people still don’t know this:

If you start a message with “@name”, that’s a reply and is exactly the same as pressing the Reply button*. Only followers of both of you will see the message. If you want all of your followers to see it you have to move the mention later into the message. If I still want to start with a name, I prefix the message with a ‘.’ or a ‘-‘.

*There is a small difference nowadays and that’s if you press Reply, Twitter can track the conversation thread.

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