TMR Game – Week 40

Welcome to Week 40 of the Too Much Racing Game!

Two weeks from now, along with the results for the Brazilian GP and the Asian LMS, I plan to post a dedicated thread for game feedback and ideas for next year. Get your thinking caps on!

Racing this week:

DTM – Adria, Italy;
NASCAR Sprint Cup – Martinsville, Virginia;

Usual restrictions apply, pick up to 7 drivers in any individual race up to a maximum of 10 drivers.

The cutoff is Saturday 30th October at 4.59am BST (British Summer Time = GMT+1), that’s 11.59pm Friday night US EDT.

For the full results from Week 39, read on.

How To Enter

1. Reply to this post.

2. List up to 10 drivers, with no more than 7 from a single event.

3. Send your entry before the stated deadline. You can make as many changes as you like until the closing point, I’ll take your last entry.

Most weeks feature 2 or 3 races, some weeks may have more than that and some may only have one. There’s not a rule stating you have to choose a driver in each race, any combination of up to 10 drivers is accepted.

On to the results!

Top Tens

Week 39 Formula 1 Sprint Cup WRC
Points Korea Martinsville Spain
1 50 Fernando Alonso Denny Hamlin Sebastien Loeb
2 40 Lewis Hamilton Mark Martin Petter Solberg
3 35 Felipe Massa Kevin Harvick Dani Sordo
4 32 Michael Schumacher Kyle Busch Jari-Matti Latvala
5 30 Robert Kubica Jimmie Johnson Mikko Hirvonen
6 28 Vitantonio Liuzzi Joey Logano Matthew Wilson
7 26 Rubens Barrichello Dale Earnhardt Jr Khalid al-Qassimi
8 24 Kamui Kobayashi Carl Edwards Henning Solberg
9 22 Nick Heidfeld Jeff Burton Ken Block
10 20 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Keselowski Sebastien Ogier

Good to see Block get a good result at last.

Points Awarded – Week 39

Player F1 WRC NASCAR Week 39
1 James 92 117 125 334
2 Jackie 133 100 97 330
3 Pat W 110 105 112 327
4 Sebastian 88 145 90 323
5 Sean 128 70 112 310
6 Burwellian 158 70 80 308
7 RG 128 102 62 292
8 Startledbunny 90 137 62 289
9 The Speedgeek 88 102 94 284
10 Dank 0 0 142 142
11 Jon Waldock 0 0 125 125

Well done James! Back after a bit of a break and on it straight away, impressive. Jackie’s now had three good weeks from the last four, despite maintaining she’s not very good at this. I am pleased to be a close 3rd.

It was a shame Jon didn’t enter. Sebastian has proposed a new carry-over rule for 2011 which carries much less of a penalty and means people won’t fall out of contention by missing a week, we’ll discuss that further in a couple of weeks in the suggestions post.

Every player who entered picked Loeb. Sean, Burwellian, RG and Speedgeek lost the most from the misfortunes of Webber, Vettel and Button, indeed the four would’ve been in the top half of the table rather than the bottom had the results been as they were at the start.

For the avoidance of doubt, had the F1 race awarded half-points as looked possible, I would also have awarded half points.

There are some interesting patterns in the break-down of the scores.

Overall Standings – Week 39

Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 39 Total +Gap
1 1 0 Sebastian 10890 323 11213
2 2 0 Pat W 10324 327 10651 562
3 3 0 RG 10053 292 10345 306
4 4 0 Sean 9954 310 10264 81
5 5 0 The Speedgeek 9807 284 10091 173
6 6 0 Jon Waldock 9759 125 9884 207
7 7 0 Startledbunny 9521 289 9810 74
8 8 0 James 7833 334 8167 1643
9 9 0 Burwellian 7531 308 7839 328
10 10 0 Jackie 7496 330 7826 13
11 11 0 Dank 4239 142 4381 3445

I have changed the Gap column to reflect the gap between players rather than the gap to the leader, I hope this makes it clearer.

The top two positions are all but secured meaning the race is on for third. Sean outscored RG this week and closes to 81 points.

Jon’s missing entry means Speedgeek no longer has to worry about losing 5th, Jon is now looking over his shoulder at Startledbunny just 74 points behind.

Much of the action is still at the lower end of the table. This week’s winner James opens a gap to the fighting Burwellian and Jackie who had been catching up. Jackie has now closed Burwellian down to 13 points, this battle is on!

Results sheets are now available on the TMR

Coming Up – Week 40

Note – the final week is Week 44

DTM – I can only assume the reappearance of Adria (Wiki map) on the schedule meant something else fell through and they were desparate to bulk up the calendar. I can’t stick the place, much like Oschersleben it is just a series of interconnected hairpins, like an overgrown kart track.

Sprint Cup – The year’s second visit to Talledega.

Enjoy the races… if you can!


13 thoughts on “TMR Game – Week 40”

  1. Happy happy happy 😀 … being so close to Burwellian is making me enjoy the game even more. Neither of us can afford to make a mistake now, ooh err. Who will I pick, can I ask the audience?


  2. Asking the audience sounds good; not sure which friend I’d phone, and too many options to go 50/50!

    Oooo… who to pick? Will have to compile my entry tomorrow I think. I knew the F1 had hurt me badly! 🙂


  3. Ah I thought the previous week rule applied to all series back to however far they went, ah well! I didn’t remember until Saturday morning and by then it was too late!

    Di Resta

    Sprint Cup:
    Kevin Harvick
    Jimmie Johnson
    Carl Edwards
    Kyle Busch
    Dale Earnhardt Jr


  4. Well Jackie, these would be my recommendations, hence I am picking them. Mind you, judging by recent results, I should be seeking your advice.

    Timo Scheider
    Gary Paffett
    Paul di Resta
    Bruno Spengler
    Mattias Ekström
    Jamie Green
    Martin Tomczyk

    Kevin Harvick
    Kurt Busch
    David Ragan


  5. I think unfortunately, Jon, that was the carry-over rule suggested in the comments for next year (to go back as many weeks as need be to find relevant drivers, up to nine for the first week missed, up to eight for the second consecutive week missed, et cetera).


  6. Right, let’s try…

    Paul Di Resta
    Bruno Spengler
    Gary Paffett
    Timo Scheider
    Oliver Jarvis

    Denny Hamlin
    Kevin Harvick
    Kyle Busch
    Jimmie Johnson
    Greg Biffle


  7. Gahhh, I’m supposed to be trying to pull away from Sean not lose ground on him

    DTM: Paffett, di Resta, Scheider, Spengler, Green, Ekstrom
    NASCAR: McMurray, Harvick, Johnson, Burton


  8. It’s going to bite me in the bum but I’m going for DC again in the DTM along with Bruno Spengler, Gary Paffett, Paul di Resta, Timo Sheider

    In Nascar, it’s Kevin Harvick, Greg Biffle, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and JPM

    Fingers well and truly crossed


  9. I think Sean and Sebastian have it right with a line-up favouring DTM.

    Di Resta

    J Gordon


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