TMR Game 2011 – Week 24

Hello and welcome to TMR Game Week 24.

This post accepts entries for these 4 events:

– F1 Silverstone
– IndyCar Toronto
– ALMS Lime Rock
– NASCAR Cup Kentucky


Each week you pick 10 entries with a maximum of 7 of those coming from a single championship. You can have any mix of races from those listed in this post, and you don’t have to use all of them.

See this page for the game rules.

Email reminders will be sent on Thursdays or Fridays by either myself or Sebastian. Please leave a valid email address in the comment form. If you do not wish to receive reminders please let us know, otherwise we’ll assume we’re okay to send them. Also let us know (privately if you prefer) if you would like to use a different address to the one you use here. I may also use Twitter or other sites if I happen to see you there on Thursday or Friday.



Week 23 ILMC/LMS MotoGP
Points Imola Mugello
50 7 Peugeot Jorge Lorenzo
40 8 Peugeot Andrea Dovizioso
35 1 Audi Casey Stoner
32 2 Audi Ben Spies
30 13 Rebellion Lola Marco Simoncelli
28 12 Rebellion Lola Valentino Rossi
26 16 Pescarolo Hector Barbera
24 41 Greaves Zytek Dani Pedrosa
22 26 Signatech ORECA Colin Edwards
20 33 Level 5 Lola Nicky Hayden
Points Daytona Norisring
50 David Ragan Bruno Spengler
40 Matt Kenseth Jamie Green
35 Joey Logano Martin Tomczyk
32 Kasey Kahne Timo Scheider
30 Kyle Busch Edoardo Mortara
28 Jeff Gordon Ralf Schumacher
26 Kevin Harvick Mattias Ekstrom
24 Paul Menard David Coulthard
22 Juan Montoya Maro Engel
20 A J Allmendinger Renger v.d. Zande

Sean was right eventually: David Ragan actually won.

Player Scores

Player NASCAR Cup ILMC / LMS MotoGP DTM Week 23
Sebastian X 157 125 122 404
Maverick 157 157 85 399
RubberGoat 157 125 117 399
Sean 157 153 85 395
Jackie 122 152 117 391
The Speedgeek 185 115 90 390
Pat W 157 153 62 372
Felipe Gana 11 157 117 85 370
Startledbunny 27 117 113 85 342
The Crooked Cap 11 141 151 303
Dylanpt24 100 32 145 277
No Entry Received: 80% of lowest score
Ryan 222
James 222
Jay 222
Mike Rice 222

Congratulations Sebastian! Well done also to Mav, Rubbergoat and Sean who score within 10 points of the winner. As Sebastian pointed out in an email, the top three scorers had all their ten picks finish in the top four of their event, Jackie’s were all in the top five, and Sean and Speedgeek’s were all in the top six.  Either the results of these series are too predictable or people are getting better at making picks!

I’d have joined you if it hadn’t been for Paffett’s DNF. Those who picked Cup drivers are again towards the bottom as they were victims of DNFs too.

Do check the more detailed sheet produced by Sebastian.


Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 23 Total +
1 1 0 Sebastian X 5008 404 5412
2 2 0 Sean 4996 395 5391 21
3 4 1 RubberGoat 4794 399 5193 198
4 3 -1 Pat W 4796 372 5168 25
5 5 0 Felipe Gana 4700 370 5070 98
6 6 0 The Speedgeek 4646 390 5036 34
7 9 2 Maverick 4549 399 4948 88
8 8 0 Jackie 4552 391 4943 5
9 7 -2 Startledbunny 4578 342 4920 23
10 10 0 Ryan 4529 222 4751 169
11 11 0 Dylanpt24 4471 277 4748 3
12 12 0 James 4410 222 4632 116
13 13 0 The Crooked Cap 4294 303 4597 35
14 14 0 Jay 3941 222 4163 434
15 15 0 Mike Rice 3425 222 3647 516

Sebastian extends his advantage over Sean by 9 points.

RubberGoat comprehensively beat me this week so he takes the 3rd spot for now, but I’m determined to get it back!

The VivaF1 pair continue their onward march up the table, this week they’ve despatched Startledbunny (and fight amongst themselves as they go..).

Both Dylan and The Crooked Cap could make up a place this week.

Upcoming Races

Another four-event week!

ALMS – Lime Rock

A week after the ILMC/LMS round, the short Lime Rock Park in Connecticut is the venue for the first ALMS round after Le Mans. It is a fast little track but there isn’t a lot of room so traffic could be a problem, though perhaps not as much as usual given the lack of prototype entrants this season. There are only three LMP entries – which is actually an improvement on Long Beach with the addition of a second Dyson car – and six LMPC (FLM) cars. I’m sure a well-driven GT car will reach the overall top six but that might be too far down given how competitive this game has become.

The race distance is 2hr45min. Info at the Racehub and the PDF entry list is here. Sportscar lists are often updated through the week.

F1: Silverstone

It is F1’s turn to sample the all-new pit and paddock facilities, it’ll be interesting to see how the GP atmosphere changes along with it. The old pits won’t be a complete ghost town with GP2 based there.

The track itself is pretty much as debuted last year, which turned out to be quite boring. If there’s anywhere the Pirelli/DRS/KERS combo should work well though, I think it is Silverstone.

NASCAR Cup: Kentucky

The Cup Series has never visited Kentucky before and I’m even less familiar with Nationwide races than I am Cup, so I don’t really know what to expect here other than the same as you would see at any other 1.5 mile oval.

IndyCar – Toronto

This fairly short street track is very bumpy and a lot of crashes, bumps and bashes are usually to be had. This one is the survival of the fittest. Tricky place, the Exhibition Place street course. The obvious question, so obvious it is now a cliche, is can Paul Tracy score a top three result? He’s always very fast here even this late into his career, he does get involved in incidents though. If I were betting my money would be elsewhere, but I may pick him if I’m feeling like a gamble later in the week.

Good luck!


19 thoughts on “TMR Game 2011 – Week 24”

  1. Slightly worried for me considering I opened the past blog, put all my entries in, and seemingly forgot to post the comment. I think I’ll post straight away this time:

    F1: Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Rosberg, Barrichello (heard about rain + new regs + it might work…)
    ALMS: #16 Dyson Racing
    IndyCar: Dixon, Franchitti, Hunter-Reay
    NASCAR: Montoya

    Now… just got to press ‘Post Comment’….


  2. I checked the pending and spam and there was nothing valid there. I thought it was odd because you commented on my other blog on Thursday/Friday so I just assumed you’d held off here until late Friday!


  3. 21 points ahead of Sean with 21 weeks to go, and far too early for either of us to feel comfortable against those behind us. That is the third consecutive week the three Birmingham-based players have all been in the top-six (Jackie, Maverick, and I). The city motto is “Forward”.

    Formula One:
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Jenson Button
    Lewis Hamilton
    Fernando Alonso

    Will Power
    Dario Franchitti
    Ryan Briscoe
    Tony Kanaan

    #6 Muscle Milk AMR (Pickett/Graf)

    I think the #16 Dyson and #99 Edwards are likely to do well, but are also a bit risky. I look for consistancy (I hope you are listening TK). I would laugh if it turns out the new engine-over-run regulations make Ferrari less competitive. McLaren and Red Bull may adapt more adroitly. Heidfeld might be the joker in the pack.


  4. Haha Mav and I are swapping the lead between ourselves every other week. Maybe I’ve just jinxed myself saying that but having a target to aim for and within reach does make the game more fun, even when you are not at the sharp end. Sebastian’s score was very high this week, 404 out of a possible 430 (93.9%) I really have to try and up my game.


  5. .I’m still thinking about my picks for this weekend but I’ll tell you what, there won’t be any NASCAR in there, have you seen Sebastian’s stats. No? – then head on over, they make fascinating reading, especially the bit about efficiency of picks for each series.


  6. A solid week last week. Hope it continues this week 😉

    1. Vettel
    2. Webber
    3. Hamilton
    4. Button
    5. Alonso
    6. Rosberg

    7. Dixon
    8. Franchitti
    9. Briscoe
    10. Power


  7. On the grounds that by my blog-admin it does look like someone headed from here to my blog today, but not to the stats page which is separate, this is the direct link, which Patrick includes after the weekly scores. Glad if you find it useful/interesting, Jackie. It was quite an amazing week for scoring and I was lucky to come out ahead. So almost picked Ekström. He only finished sixth but would have dropped me down the order.


  8. Another podium! Will I ever get a win?
    I’m glad the DTM picks paid off though, almost went with five MotoGP picks, and Simoncelli would have been fine if the DTMs had gone badly

    Right, on to this week, and I’m writing off the F1 engine overrun rules as benefiting nobody except the three “new” teams – and I don’t think any of them are going to win all the same…

    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Fernando Alonso

    Will Power
    Oriol Servia
    Dario Franchitti
    Ryan Briscoe

    #6 Muscle Milk AMR (Pickett/Graf)
    #16 Dyson Racing (Dyson/Smith)

    I worry about the reliability of the Dyson but hoping Guy Smith has a good weekend


  9. Whoops! Picking Dale Jr. cost me a bit. Well, on to this week 🙂

    Will Power
    Dario Franchitti
    Ryan Briscoe
    Justin Wilson

    Jenson Button
    Lewis Hamilton
    Sebastian Vettel
    Fernando Alonso
    Mark Webber

    N°6 – Muscle Milk Aston Martin Racing


  10. Indycar: Will Power, Tony Kanaan
    NASCAR: Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch
    F1: Vettel, Hamilton
    ALMS: Dyson 16, Muscle Milk Aston Martin


  11. I think Kentucky’s going to be a predictable and boring track for NASCAR and will tend to match the general cookie-cutter results; the risk of course is if there’s some late caution and pit strategy that jumbles up the running order, but here I think it’s safe to take Cup guys who are dominant in horsepower. I think Power’s riskier than picking a Cup driver this week because of his injury – yes, it was a minor concussion but a concussion is a concussion. No way Tracy is getting close to a podium, especially in that car.

    F1: Button Hamilton Vettel Webber
    IndyCar: Dixon Franchitti
    Cup: Ky. Busch Edwards
    ALMS: 6 16


  12. F1:
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button

    Will Power
    Dario Franchitti
    Ryan Briscoe

    #6 Aston Lola
    #16 Dyson Mazda Lola
    #89 Intersport LMPC


  13. F1


    #16 Dyson



  14. * SPOILER *

    Well, I was wrong about Power being affected by his injury, but it ended up being smart that I didn’t take him anyway. Dario was whining about Power getting an unfair advantage between the two Texas races and yet the officials seemingly let him get away with anything. Obviously, if Dario hadn’t wrecked Power there, Power wouldn’t have gotten into the Tagliani wreck, and Power probably would have won instead of crashing. I think since there were championship implications, Dario should have been penalized.

    I kind of thought a Cup race on a cookie-cutter would be more predictable than an IndyCar street race with shootout-style restarts. I think people have been shying away from making NASCAR picks a tad too much (usually making picks for any Cup race not on a plate track or road course is pretty safe, and making picks in a shootout-style street course race? Not so much).


  15. I thought Dario was optimistic with his move and ought to have backed out but there was blame for the pair of them, Power could’ve left a tad more room too. Rahal ought to have won really.

    Cup was the only one of the four I missed and that’s the main reason I don’t pick it any more – they have far too many races to follow, I have no idea who is doing what any more, who is fast/slow from week to week. Toronto is a lottery but at least I know the players. Tracy was a gamble, I still may take it for Edmonton, he’ll score a top five in one of these races I’m sure of it.

    I was surprised to find I enjoyed the ALMS race despite the lack of top cars, the two LMP contenders were close throughout and GT was entertaining. Still don’t care about either Challenge class but they acted as mobile chicanes to negotiate which was a challenge, maybe they are aptly named.


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