This is a personal blog so I don’t forsee that anybody would need to contact me.

I used to put my email address here but was contacted by too many not-very-good marketers – sorry to the good ones out there – which put me off dealing with any at all. You can tell the bad ones because they blindly send emails with the hateful phrase “we can offer great content!” without bothering to realise this blog isn’t about pushing ‘content’ for clicks, it’s just stuff I want to talk about.

I’m not a wannabe journalist or content curator, I really do see this as my personal space in which to share thoughts and invite others for discussion, whether that be in the comments, on social media or on their own blog.

Comment policy – Keep it civil. I don’t like wilful idiocy.

Feedback is welcome but blogs are free, if you don’t like what I’m doing don’t whine, start your own!

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