About Me


I’m Pat and I watch too much racing.

Although I don’t watch as much as I did when I thought of this blog name which I really don’t like very much any more!

I still dedicate a lot of time to watching races, both live and old races on catchup. I read more articles and blog posts and tweets about motorsports than is healthy. I’ve got a stack of books to read but never seem to find the time because I’m watching races, listening to podcasts or reading the monthly magazines. People say I should stop and get a hobby. This is my hobby.


I was born in 1980 and live in a small town in the South West of England. As I’m hours away from most UK tracks I only make it to 2 or 3 events per year. I’ve been lucky enough to attend some F1 GPs abroad, usually have to pay it off over the next few years!

I’ve been watching racing since I was a kid in the late 80s, and like a typical British F1 fan in the late 1980s you can blame Nigel Mansell and Williams for that. I seriously got into the detail of F1 from about 1998 when I started getting the magazines.

One day I realised watching a lot of different series was more fun than knowing one series to a ridiculous level of detail. Since then I broadened my interests to MotoGP, IndyCar, sports cars, touring cars and a bit of rally.
It does mean I rarely remember any event that happens unless someone reminds me, on the upside you learn things that could be applied elsewhere.


I’ve been active in online motorsport fan groups since the end of 1998, blogging since mid-2008 and on Twitter since 2009. If Gen Z think they invented F1 memes – they are very wrong! I wish I’d kept stuff from that time, we thought it was hilarious.

From 1998 to the mid/late 2000s I was on F1NGers, which originally was a semi-hidden community on a newsgroup run by the then Formula1.com website, which at the time was an independently-owned site not affiliated with Formula 1 itself, until FOM purchased the domain in something like 2003.

The group then moved around different places and devolved into even worse trolling, slanging matches and hero-worshipping certain member/s. I got out of there in 2007/08.

I was a bit lost until another former member recommended Sidepodcast.com. This was a positive, open community encouraging new fans. It’s sadly a defunct website now, but was hugely popular for its podcast and community back in its heyday between 2008 and 2017. I even wrote posts for them and tried to encourage a bit of IndyCar-watching! The site and the people there inadvertently sucked up a huge chunk of time for nearly a decade because they were so easy to get along with that I felt it worth giving a lot of time back, and for some reason they tolerated me. I miss it still.

This Blog

I set up this blog in 2008 to share enthusiasm about different types of racing to different people. At the time a lot of F1 fans, IndyCar fans, NASCAR fans, sportscar fans, they watch their own series and look down on everything else. They then have the temerity to refer to another group as snobs!

I also wanted to provide a haven for the few of us who like a lot of different things as, at the time, everything online had become so specialised.

I’ve noticed since about 2013/2014 people now watch all sorts of racing. Perhaps they were following Montoya around. And certainly a lot more since Alonso jumped to the Indy 500, the Dakar, and Le Mans and WEC. And I also think Formula E helped break the bubble of F1-exclusive fans. People pay a lot more attention outside F1 now.

The blog here dried up as ‘real life’ inevitably intervened. So many blogs have gone the same way. I’ve kept the site focused on the Google Calendars but I kept the blog just in case I restart it. It can take me ages to write a blog post and then by the time I’ve got all my thoughts out it turns out to be very long! I really like Tweeting. I’m cursed with fast typing fingers so I tweet a lot. I retweet even more. I’m on Twitterย a lot.


In 2011 I started to make Google Calendars for the different race series I was interested in following. This grew rapidly and is now by far the most popular part of the site.

I try to keep them updated monthly. This isn’t always possible, it’s a hard job to keep on top of the changes, especially now there are many series listed that I don’t actually watch. I’m amazed how popular they are so I keep them going.


I used to get caught up in live-tweetalongs of races, where a bunch of us would do a sort of live Twitter commentary of the races, especially things like IndyCar races which not everyone could see.

It can be annoying though as the tendency is to describe what people can already see. The trick is to provide background not on the screen. I have consciously tried to steer away from live-tweeting recently, but still being present during races because it’s so much fun.

That said, I pay much better attention to a race when I’m not on Twitter.

My focus for live or as-live races is Formula 1, IndyCar and Formula E. I used to watch a lot of MotoGP as well but lost BT Sport when I switched to Sky to keep my F1. I can’t afford both sets of sport channels.

I also thoroughly enjoy sportscar racing and attended FIA WEC and ELMS at Silverstone every year until they left, but endurance races are long, so it’s hard to keep up with the season. I’ve fallen behind. I really like touring cars as well but I’ve really struggled to keep up with that too.

Things have had to give during real life events!

Finally, an important point. I’m not a wannabe journalist, I’m not trying to get my name out there for exposure or a career. I’m not looking for content to be placed here, or to place content elsewhere.

If I know about you and you want a space to write about something, hit me up, it’s yours. But it’s a blog not a website, I’m not going to be able to pay.

This blog exists is for discussion among the community and for sharing of things I see and want to talk about.

It’s also, obviously, since 2012 been about e-calendars for Google and iCal!


15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey, I like your website and I agree with you about watching too much racing. There are alot of races that I want to watch like Indy and F1 but, I don’t have enough time to so, I just watch my favorite races like Grand Am and American Le mans. there are only about 10 races each year. Do you know of any site that will show me the whole Grand Am six hours of the Glen?


  2. Hey, thanks, that website really helped me find more live races to watch. I wish I had since this reply earlier. the reason I just found it was because I was searching for my blog on the internet.


  3. Pat,

    good blog. I have been following Motorsport in almost every guise since the 1960’s when my Dad won the Macau GP. I watched Jaguar win at Le Mans in the early 90’s (91?) and I went back on my bike in 2005 to watch the MotoGP event. I live round the corner from Brands Hatch and watched Bayliss and Haga battle (Bayliss was promoting the new Superman movie at the time and had the ‘S’ logo on his back and chest) over the SBK championship and regukarly go to watch the British Superbikes which are spectacular; in many ways better than SBK and MotoGP because it’s so much closer and personal. Sidecar events are one of the best Motorsport events to watch especially at Brands as you can see so much of the track. I’m not so impressed with British Touring cars these days, the cars they are using and the specs. they are restricted by don’t really inspire me unlike DTC which is monster cars attracting Europe’s best drivers either heading for, or leaving F1.

    F1 has been a disappointment over the last few years. My enduring moan is to eradicate artificially induced downforce on cars altogether to allow following through corners before slipstreaming down straights. Then allow a free engine choice, run what ya brung. As for going to SKY, I will never pay Murdoch a penny for his services and I will find a pirate feed to watch the live Sky races or I’ll abandon F1 altogether and go to Brands and watch real Club racing. Sad after nearly 50 years but the BBC ought to be taken out and shot for betraying the British public paying a licence fee!

    OK…..rant over. Keep racing! and blogging.


  4. Thanks David. It sounds like you’ve seen a lot of great racing! I’m envious of you living so close to Brands Hatch, it must be a dream.

    I agree I think they should reduce downforce and wings, maybe not completely but certainly by more than they did with the narrow rear wings. Narrow the front wing as well, for a start. I’d love to see V12 vs V10 vs V8 again. Turbo, N/A, all sorts. It’s why I like LMP prototypes, you get all sorts at a pace not too far off F1.

    I won’t be paying for Sky simply because I don’t have ยฃ360 per year to give. Even if I did, I don’t think it’s worth it just to watch a sport even if I love the sport.


  5. Hi
    Really enjoy reading your blog and your perspectives on the races. Have found your blog a great resource for researching race events. I’ve just started my own WordPress blog which is focused on my amateur motorsport photography adventures (DLYmotorsportimages.com). If you get a chance to check it out please let me known what you think. I plan to update the blog on a monthly basis.




  6. Idk where you live but if you ever find yourself in NJ, I’ll gladly buy you a beer!! Thanks for your time. Great way to stay on top of the racing season.


  7. Hi, first of all thanks for the calenders! Being a petrolhead as most of your blog followers they come really helpful. I am going to ask, Do you update the calenders or do I need to re-import all of them in the beginning of each season? Keep up the good work, thanks!


  8. I respect the huge amount of work putting all this data together. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!. Absolutely fabulous!


  9. I update the same calendars, so on most systems you just scroll forward or refresh it and the new dates should appear.

    I know some systems just download them as they are at the time of the download, like a snapshot, so it depends how you’re using them.

    I have started on the 2015 dates so if you have a look at March 2015 you should see F1, IMSA and IndyCar races scheduled. If you don’t, you’ll need to redownload.


  10. I stumbled on this site searching for calendar entries for f1, wrc, indy & Nascar. You got them ALL! I just LOVE you for that! Thank you so much. You saved me a lot of time ๐Ÿ™‚

    You got so much so Im almost afraid to ask but how about historic racing? I just love FIA historic F1, Sports car and rally. And i miss Pikes Pike under misc ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. Great – just what I was looking for. Can programme my year around the important race events. ( Not that my wife is very pleased). Thanks again for a super web site.


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