Goodwood 2010: Outtakes

I had great day at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it seemed I was constantly doing something and the day went by in a flash. I think I’m coming to the realisation that it deserves two days, there is just so much there now that you have no hope of covering it in a single day, I felt like I was rushing from place to place to see everything I wanted to see.

I’ve not been home all that long so I’ve not sorted through my photos and videos just yet, and I’m too tired tonight to write a proper blog post about my day. How about a teaser?

As always with any motorsport event it takes a little while to get your eye in, and of course for a while you just want to enjoy the event and take in the sights, sounds and smells. Trying to time your shot for that small gap between people’s heads is also quite tricky when you are panning the camera. This means my camerawork was quite dodgy for a while so to tease you until I go through them properly, here are some pretty horrible outtakes…

Hamilton takes an old McLaren up the hill
Outtake: Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-TAG MP4/2C (thanks for the magazine, luv)
Outtake: Jean-Eric Vergne, Red Bull
Outtake: Jean-Eric Vergne, Red Bull RB5... almost

1989 Lotus-Judd 101... he booted the throttle and stuffed it in the hay, breaking the front wing. This is from the big-screen TV.

What, you weren’t expecting a proper update straight away, were you?