TMR Game 2011: Week 1

Hello, and welcome to the 2011 TMR Game!


For those new to the game, welcome. All you need do is pick a selection of up to 10 names per week, the twist being you can’t pick more than 7 from a single championship. This is my way of helping you learn of championships you might not normally follow. 🙂

If playing this way doesn’t grab you, how about a challenge? If your usual series is F1, or IndyCar, or whatever – spend the year picking only drivers who race in your series currently, or have done at some stage in the past! You might be surprised at how competitive you may be.

For the returnees, welcome back! There are a few changes to the rules based on what was learned last year, details below. Alternatively if you want to be spared the details, jump down to the bottom of the page for instructions for this week’s race.

The game runs from the Daytona 24 Hours to the last major race of the year, usually that is NASCAR Cup at Homestead but this year it looks like it will be the Formula 1 Brazilian GP. If you are unable to play each week don’t worry, this year we’ve collectively thought of a way around that.

The winner of the game may declare: “I Watch Too Much Racing!”
(The real aim of the game is for players to learn about a wide variety of series.)

Read more about this year’s rules and simple instructions on how to enter the game.

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