McLaren look forward to night race

On the F1NGers newsgroup somebody posted this link to a video preview from McLaren, a chat with Martin Whitmarsh ahead of F1’s first night race which will be held in Singapore in ten days’ time.

Just the usual boring Martin waffling along… or is it?

EDIT – I’ve just discovered the same thing is at


3 thoughts on “McLaren look forward to night race”

  1. Those silly F1 guys. If they really wanted a laugh, they should have put up a poster of Alonso in the background.I’ll say this, that team surprised me by standing up for Heikki this week. They really do seem laid back these days.


  2. I think they became more laid back after the $100 million fine…. I mean in that position you just have to laugh.


  3. Good point. Maybe after the $100 million fine they all just went insane..It would explain why Lewis is dating that girl from the Pussycat Dolls when he could be dating at minimum 100 non-famous girls at one time.


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