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I was going to write about the outcome of the McLaren/Hamilton penalty appeal but really, who expected any differently? They lost. Big deal. Who cares? We all expected them to lose. The only people who didn’t were either McLaren employees or British tabloid ‘journalists’.

And you know what? I agree with the penalty. Not the harshness of it, but the concept that he had a penalty. He gained an advantage by leaving the track and he didn’t relinquish the advantage in full before going for the pass – I agree.

My problem here is that Kimi did the same later on – if he’d finished the race, would he have been served with a penalty? I don’t think he would. The inconsistency and apparent Ferrari-bias – or at least anti-McLaren bias – of the officials just won’t seem to go away. They need at least one full time steward, preferably all three full-time, and for at least one to have competed in Grands Prix before.

Oh. It turns out I DID write about the outcome of the McLaren/Hamilton penalty appeal.

The post is fuelled by red wine, Lemon Jelly, and a relaxed couple of days off work.
(you really need to listen to “The Curse of Ka’Zar” in that state of mind)


4 thoughts on “Move along..”

  1. Amen. I expected no different, but you are spot on that Kimi would have received no penalty if he’d finished. Afther all, where was the mechanical “meatball” flag in France when Kimi had a chunk of exhaust system clearly hanging off of his car for a third of the race?


  2. Also, off topic here, but I got behind on reading your blog and didn’t want this to get buried in a comment thread on your older posts: great job on the Silverstone BTCC post and pics! Made me very jealous. It’s a dream of mine to win the lotto, move to England for a year and follow BTCC and all of the national single-seater series…your whole day was right up my alley, rain and all.


  3. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the photos. I try to make it to one BTCC event per season, I keep planning more but they don’t seem to happen.I’ll trade you for a season following IndyCar around America!


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