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The racing season is quickly approaching and in some places has started already, and that means the racing podcasts are doing the same. I just thought I would mention some of my favourites:

Midweek Motorsport
I’ve known about MWM for a couple of years now and 2009 represents their 4th season. At two hours every week it is a pretty hefty commitment which is why I’ve not listened until now, I until now preferred LiveFastRacing’s podcast which was a similar length but every few weeks. With the demise of that podcast I’ve decided to switch over to MWM. They cover all sorts of racing with several guys from different backgrounds. There’s an F1 guy, a sportscar guy (the legendary John Hindaugh who is the track announcer at ALMS events and the man behind Radio Le Mans), and many more.
Very knowledgeable and actually very much like the Eurosport MotoGP commentary in terms of style, the ‘down the pub with your mates’ atmosphere. I say that having only heard episode 1 of 2009 and they are on to no.3 as of today (there’s a new one every Wednesday), so maybe they’ve settled down a bit? I’m playing catch-up so I get back to the ‘current’ week if you see what I mean, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Check it out at!
Chris, Josh and George put together a fast and furious ride through the world of racing, everything from NASCAR to ALMS to bikes to their crazy no-holds barred opinions of F1. And all in about half an hour! I’m not quite sure how they cram it all in but they seem to cover everything and in detail. I’ve been listening since ep9 or 10 and it’s a lot of fun.

Ep.21 is coming soon so keep checking!
Jeff is the host of the I Am Mindy Show, a run through the latest IndyCar news in 30 minutes or less or your money back. Still relatively new to podcasting although you wouldn’t know it from listening, our mate Jeff is considered by many to be one of the ‘senior’ IRL bloggers out there (along with Pressdog) and his blog is quickly becoming the focal point of IRL fandom. You tend to go there first then link through to other sites. His podcast is equally as good.

Head on over to and search for ‘Podcast’!

Try all of these once and then settle on the ones you enjoy most. I fully intend to listen to all of them throughout the year.


4 thoughts on “Racing Podcasts”

  1. You forgot Sidepodcast – these guys are fantastic – F1 debrief after every race, a podcast most weeks and the opportunity to interact with the show. Very good opinions and well worth a listen – with a fantastic forum and community to boot 🙂


  2. Hey Gavin, glad you found the blog. F1NGers link?I discovered Sidepodcast a few weeks ago but haven’t had time to listen in yet. I know it has a big following. I’ve just downloaded the latest and will listen when I get a chance.I can’t follow too many each week else I won’t be able actually watch the racing! Also I have a tonne of accountancy homework to do over the next six months, after that I’ll be able to follow a few more things.


  3. Hi Patrick,Yeah followed the link from F1NGers (and subscribe to your blog feed in Google Reader). You’re doing a really good job with your links and I like the opinions too 🙂


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