Audi R15

This one came from nowhere – have got an ‘exclusive secret spy shot’ of the new Audi R15 TDI.

It’s an interesting looking car with a stubby wide nose, Autosport compares it to the Renault F1 car. It has apparently been running since before Christmas.

Audi say the driver line-ups for the two cars going to Sebring will be:
#1 A McNish, R Capello, T Kristenen
#2 L Luhr, M Rockenfeller, M Werner
(I assume those will be the car numbers)

Have a read of the article. When the car is officially launched I’ll do a more in-depth post. The number of quotes gives me a feeling this was more of a planned leak rather than a super-secret spy shot.. What, in the week of the Pug launch?? Never!

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