Weekend Preview: 28 Feb – 1 March

This week is a stock car week so if that’s not your thing you may as well move along. I’m not planning to stay long either, I’d rather talk about sportscars and the ACO’s entry list so I’m off to do that now!

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NASCAR Sprint Cup
– Shelby 427 (3/36)
– Las Vegas Motor Speedway
– Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

427 laps or 427 miles? What sort of distance is that? They either picked it with a random number generator, or I smell a sponsorship tie-in of some kind.

British air time: 9.30pm GMT, Sky Sports 3
American air time: 3.30pm ET, FOX

Now we already know from two weeks ago that 3.30pm ET = 8.30pm GMT so we’re missing an hour. Sky have put it on a tape delay due to live rugby coverage. They’ve got live golf on SS1, live cricket on SS2 and live Spanish footie on Xtra, so they’ve run out of room – a busy Sunday night for Sky! The other thing I just thought of – maybe FOX has an hour of pre-race and Sky is jumping straight from rugby to the green flag.
By the way, The Sum of All Fears is on Film4 at the same time, you should watch that instead, that’s a great film.
It’s quite a friendly time so if I’m about I’ll see if I can jump in.

The Nationwide boys take to the track on Saturday. Americans can see it on ESPN2, I’m fairly sure there has been no late UK deal so no coverage for us for the first time in years.

Speedcar Series
– Dubai (2) (4/6)
– Dubai Autodrome
– Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Speedcar visits Dubai for a second time in their current season but this time it will head the bill, what with GP2 Asia taking a long break before Malaysia.

TV coverage: none but try the website

I’ve decided to shunt smaller things to a little section at the end else things are going to get very crowded as we get to mid-March. Yes I know Speedcar ought to go here, it will next time!

New Zealand V8 Supercars
– Manfield (6/7)

And although I never usually do bikes unless it is MotoGP, the World Superbikes are starting their season this weekend at Philip Island in Australia. There’s live coverage on Eurosport at 4am with repeats at a more sensible time. I’m sure there’s US coverage on Speed or ESPN or some place.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Preview: 28 Feb – 1 March”

  1. Hmm NZ V8’s… when I went to the A1GP in Taupo a couple of years ago there was more interest in these ‘Taxi Racers’ than the A1GP itself!Manfield is also a very neglected track – you would be shocked at how bad the facilities are. The track itself is very good, but the support facilities are non-existent!


  2. The Shelby 427 title sponsorship is in reference to Carroll Shelby’s HQ, which is just outside of the gates of LVMS. I guess Shel’ is sponsoring the Cup race, reminding people that they can use all of their disposable cash to buy one of his current day Cobra replicars, instead of, you know, eating or paying their rent or whatever.Dumb idea to put a sponsor’s number into the title of a race, especially if it doesn’t represent the distance or laps covered. Confusing.


  3. @RubberGoat I’m sure there would be more interest in the domestic series. Always the way.Manfield sounds like Knockhill!@Speedgeek I’m sure it made sense in the press release… but a marketing device doesn’t work if no-one understands it.


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