Weekend Preview: 14-15 March 2009

Welcome to what Blogger tells my is my 100th posting! I can’t believe I’m at that number already, I only started in August.

We have a quiet weekend this week with only one major series competing, as even NASCAR takes a break from time to time. Next week is very different with ALMS kicking off at Sebring and NASCAR paying a visit to Bristol, among many others.

As always this preview highlights events happening this weekend. Make sure to regularly check your listings for highlights and preview shows! I know that MotorsTV is airing an ALMS preview and ITV4 has WTCC highlights, and over in the US Versus has another of their four IndyCar pre-season specials – so there is content out there to be found if you can look for it.

* * * *

FIA World Rally Championship
– Cyprus Rally (3/12)
– Cyprus

The WRC makes a return to the island after a couple of years away. This year the drivers will have to manage with using gravel tyres instead of asphalt ones, I don’t know why this is and it doesn’t make sense, to me it sounds like a cost-saving method. I have to admit to not following WRC this year so I don’t really know what’s going on or who’s fast – though I can guess!

The Production WRC boys will be joining in this weekend along with a small number of Junior WRC entries.

UK TV: Daily updates each evening on Eurosport, and a roundup on Sunday on Dave.
Elsewhere: Check www.wrc.com for details, video and live stage timing.

* * *

Other Events:

World Superbikes & Supersport, Losail, Qatar.
I don’t follow WSBK at all. I’m sure the racing is good but I just can’t bring myself to care. MotoGP has it for me. Now, fans of bikes will almost certainly tell me that I’ll like WSBK if I watch it and this may well be true! If I’m cruising the sports channels and stumble upon it I’ll watch, but since I don’t have any sports channels this may be a long time coming..

Note – Autosport magazine lists the Atlantics as starting this week in Savannah, Georgia, yet Open Wheel World noted yesterday that there are under 14 days until the start of the Atlantics season, as a support to the 12 Hours of Sebring. I’m calling this a cancellation which Autosport forgot to erase from their calendar.

Come back for another preview next week, which may be slightly earlier or slightly delayed depending on what college work I get done, and other reasons.

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