Felipe Baby

So the McLaren hearing yadda yadda, who cares, right?

This is much more fun. You remember Rob Smedley on Massa’s radio back in Sepang? Here’s a quick reminder:

Well, Christine over at Sidepodcast.com (yes I know I plug them a lot) has recorded a tribute song to wish him better luck! If you do nothing else this week, at least go and take a listen to this.

Clearly it didn’t work for Bahrain but I’m thinking he was too busy with qualifying and everything to hear it – perhaps for Spain?

Today it was even played to Smedley himself on a BBC local radio station up North somewhere, where he was a guest! Everyone at SPC is quite flabbergasted at this happening – it was just a little something for the commenting/blogging community and now Rob has heard it and has a copy! Will Felipe be next to hear it? Will it get a mention on the BBC F1 or radio coverage from Barcelona? We will be listening to everything they say..

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