The Customer Comes First

The esteemed Mr Pressdog has recently taken up the mantle of being the champion of the customer – the fan – who is losing out and needs to be listened to, needs to be taken seriously.

Formula 1 journalist Joe Saward agrees and he tells it straight both on and his blog, and he has been talking about how F1 should pay more attention to fans on several editions of podcasts from

Check out last week’s instalment “The Customer Always Comes First” on the link below (this quote is actually unrelated to fans and is about engines – but he is in the fans’ corner too), and be sure to check the site every race weekend for his latest musings as well as the regular Debriefs throughout the weekend from the SPC team.

You probably ought to check the archives too.


2 thoughts on “The Customer Comes First”

  1. Awesome! I listened to the sidepodcast and linked to it. Customer Power! Thanks for the shout out and for putting me onto the site. I'm a big fan of Too Much Racing.


  2. Thanks 'Dog!Someone pointed me to Sidepodcast in February and I've been listening since. Joe Saward has been writing for some 25 years or more and he joined them for the first time this year, inspired idea.I started this blog after leaving all those lengthy comments on yours and Jeff's blogs last season. Thought I needed more space!It is a bit quiet at the moment but it'll kick into gear in two weeks when I've got more free time.


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