TMR on Planet IRL podcast!

Kohl from PlanetIRL has a new podcast and was gracious enough to ask me to appear on his first show. I was glad to agree even though I was mortified at actually talking out loud! What might I say?

Find out here!

Show Details

Host: Kohl Kirkland

F1 Segment
Dex Brennan, from Midweek Motorsport and
– Me!

IRL Segment
– Existing PlanetIRL co-writer Lisa Kenny.
– New PlanetIRL co-writer Paul Dalbey, also of

Special Guest
Daniel Herrington, currently running inside the top ten in the Indy Lights points standings

Head over to the PlanetIRL to download the show!

* *

I let the side down a little by saying “umm”, leaving gaps and generally being a bit quiet, but that’s me generally anyway – for a quiet guy I didn’t do too badly, particularly when paired with experienced motormouth Dex! He was a legend stepping in at the last minute when the booked guest found himself stuck at work.

What have I learned? If I ever go on a podcast again I’ll be sure to prepare notes first and cut down on the nervous laughing! I very much enjoyed it though, and I hope the podcast is a success.


5 thoughts on “TMR on Planet IRL podcast!”

  1. Well it was nice to have you on. Next time I need more notes too. Your thoughts were great though, except for that whole Mark Webber thing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


  2. I think we'll have to disagree on Mark Webber and Justin Wilson. :-)I know I wasn't very clear some of the time but it was really good fun, I enjoyed it!


  3. Sorry to outvote you, Kohl, but I'm with Pat on Webber and Wilson. I don't really know how you can judge Justin to be a "reject" in F1 after 11 races in a horrendous Minardi and 5 races in a Jaguar, after being thrown into it 2/3rds of the way through the season and with basically no testing. Add to that, the fact that Justin never really got a fair shake at Jag, since Mark Webber was the well established #1 already. That was never going to work out.Interesting stuff, even if I disagreed with a lot of it: Wilson and Webber, the aesthetics of early '90s IndyCars, the deletion of the grass margins and warm up lanes at Indy, etc. I'll be downloading, whenever episode #2 comes out… 🙂


  4. Pat,Great stuff – I must admit I am definitely on your side when it comes to the Webber/Wilson debate. TBH I thought you did well and I hope you get to appear on another one of these 😉


  5. Pat,Following up from my earlier comment, TBH I thought you did well because it became apparent that the host and his other guest had some rather intersting insights that I ended up totally disagreeing with!In fact, I am surprised that he even wanted to discuss F1 with you because in the second half of the show they admitted they didn't like the IRL calendar, because it had too many road courses on it and that was too "ChampCar-esque". I mean come on, who wants a return to rear-engined NASCAR? The road courses have been the only thing worth watching in IRL this year…


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