Michael Schumacher Returns

It was too good to be true, wasn’t it?

He’s back. HE’S back. Him. That man. The one we thought we’d got rid of.

We’ve had a great year and a half without him and it has been brilliant to see new drivers come to the fore and make F1 their own, and also watching Ferrari evolve in the post-Schumacher, post-Todt era. I’d even begun to not dislike them.

I do wonder how MS will fit in as a race driver in that changed environment, rather than a ‘consultant’ on the pit wall. Let’s hope none of the old nonsense returns.

I must admit to being curious about how he’ll perform after so long away, in a new-style car with no testing whatsoever – and in Valencia on a circuit he hasn’t driven before vs most of the rest of the field who have.

As much as I dislike the guy and his tactics, you can’t deny that in terms of ability and application he is the best of his generation if not all of them. If he didn’t pull such ridiculous stunts I might even have become a fan of his, and yet… too many, too often, too deceitful. So it’ll be interesting to see it for a race or two, though I don’t think I want to see him for any more than that.

Realistically Massa won’t be in the car before winter testing resumes in January, but still… get well soon Felipe.


2 thoughts on “Michael Schumacher Returns”

  1. It's going to be interesting. I was a Schu fan from '91 until about 2000 or so (and an apologist for a good part of that after the events of Adelaide '94 and Jerez '97), but turned on him after the ridiculous domination/manipulation era of 2001-2002. No question, though, that he was one of the top-3 drivers of his entire era. I don't think that he's going to be in the running for many podiums this season, but I think it's going to be most interesting seeing how he stacks up against Kimi. Will Kimi start paying attention again, and re-establish himself as the #1 Ferrari driver going into 2010 (supposing that Alonso isn't already signed)? Or will Michael be right on his pace from Monza and onward, and help usher Kimi out the door? Hard to say…


  2. He's an exceptional driver, if he can stay away from his old tricks would could witness something special over the next few races. Unfortunately I don't think he's capable of staying 'clean'.I think this will be Kimi's wake-up call though, it could set a fire in him… relatively…


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