Big Catch-Up

As I’ve said before, I’m a long way behind on practically everything because of studies earlier in the year, and this means I’ve only really been able to follow Formula 1 in any great detail, all of the other series have had to take a back seat.

That said, I have lots of racing from the season stored up and ready to watch. I have been thinking of posting an occasional series of updates as I watch them, as I probably would have done had I watched them at the time. I will start watching those soon.

I also have a pile of Autosport magazines to read, a pretty hefty backlog in Google Reader and over two months worth of podcasts to listen to. This’ll be why I haven’t been commenting on your blogs recently. I’ve spent the last month working on it to get it down to this level as well as keeping up with current news, so you can say I’m very thankful for the four-week F1 break!!

I’m also behind on the F1 race notes. I intend to catch up on those next week. I have no idea if they are worth reading now, but they were written live as usual so it could be interesting in a way, I just haven’t had time to edit them yet.

Obviously I could just ditch it all and start from right now… but really… nah.

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