F1 Points After Hungary (11 of 17)

I’ve posted my notes up as far as the Hungarian Grand Prix, just before the summer break, and that seems like the ideal place to take a look at the season so far in the points race.


Button built up a huge lead, but you can see the change in fortunes since Silverstone, considerably fewer points scored for both Brawns. By contrast, both Red Bulls have been scoring heavily since Istanbul and overhauled Barrichello after Germany. Can they maintain this momentum and catch Button before the end of the year? Vettel’s non-score certainly doesn’t help!

Meanwhile in the main field, Rosberg’s regular scoring has brought him ahead of the now-injured Massa. Both Hamilton’s and Raikkonen’s dire run of results has ended with their win and 2nd positions respectively. Is this a turnaround or a one-off?

[Obviously we now know the answers – I will sum that up after I post the Monza notes!]



That massive lead set up by Brawn earlier in the year has been eaten into by Red Bull but trailed off at this race, while McLaren and to a lesser extent Ferrari are starting to pick up and take bigger points.

Meanwhile Toyota’s early season gains have ended and they are scoring only occasional points, looks like they will be easy meat for the improving teams, and Williams have already been overhauled despite their relentless scoring of lower-order points.

* * *
I will revisit this theme after this weekend’s race at Monza, actually after I post the respective notes the following weekend, this race representing the close of the European F1 season. After the Italian GP the teams climb aboard the jets once more for the end of season flyaway races.

At the end of the season I may even be tempted to do versions for other series.. let me know if you are interested in seeing those.


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  1. Yay! Graphs!Nice one Pat, the odd thing is that if you look at driver points in the WDC so far, the graph looks identical to the Fantasy Racers scores!


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