TMR Game – Week 1 Results

Here are the results from Week 1 of the 2010 Too Much Racing Game!

Daytona 24 Hours

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Congratulations go to Joao Barbosa, Terry Borcheller, Ryan Dalziel and Mike Rockenfeller for taking an unfancied and unexpected win for the underdog Action Express team!

The early demise of the no.02 Ganassi entry featuring Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jamie McMurray cost everybody points, they were so hotly tipped that every player picked one or two drivers from the team! Engine failure meant they were only classified 37th, though were were still awarded 1 point under the ARFL points system.

Several players also picked drivers from the Bourdais/Collard/Maassen car which also ran into trouble and only finished 23rd overall, a lot of points were lost there as they only picked up 7 game points.


The big winner this week is RG who despite picking two drivers from that 02 car and most picking one, still managed to score a convincing win. Congrats RG! You were the only one to have 4 drivers scoring in double-figures, the rest of us only had 3 such drivers, with one exception.

At the other end of the admittedly-small field, Jackie predicted she wouldn’t do so well and unfortunately this came true as she was the only player to have 2 drivers picking up points in double-figures. Don’t let that put you off! There isn’t a huge gap, and hopefully some more players will join up over the next few weeks so you still have an advantage.

Speedgeek and myself were the only ones to pick a driver from the 1st and 2nd placed cars, so we place well too. Jussayin’.

Scores from Week 1:

Player Week 1 Total Score
1 RG 143 143
2 Pat W 134 134
3 The Speedgeek 133 133
4 Startledbunny 121 121
5 Dank 118 118
6 James 109 109
7 Burwellian 106 106
8 Jon Waldock 105 105
9 Jackie 99 99

Note – as this is week one and I’m finding my feet still, I may have overlooked something simple, if so I will advise if there are any changes.

Thanks hugely to the initial entrants – and I hope some more players join when the more familiar series kick off!

EDIT – I’ve uploaded the Scoresheet to Google Docs. This is the file showing everyone’s picks and what those picks scored. There is also a master scoresheet which generates the score for each driver, but that’s too big for Google Docs to convert.

Next Week:

The TMR Game takes a break next week. The next events eligible for points are the WRC Rally Sweden and the NASCAR Daytona 500 over the weekend of 13-14 February and I plan to open entries on Wednesday 10th.

I’d appreciate some feedback on an appropriate closing time for entries for that weekend. Is Friday okay, given the rally runs that day? We could say midday UK. I will look up the rally schedule and confirm in the entry post next Wednesday.


10 thoughts on “TMR Game – Week 1 Results”

  1. Woo-hoo! On the podium!

    Nice job getting the results out so early in the week, Pat. It’s not easy to track all of that stuff. Folks who missed out this week and folks who are down at the bottom of the list (Jackie, Jon, Burwellian, James) shouldn’t feel too upset to be 40-50 points behind. The way the scoring works in this game, there can be 100+ point swings from top team to bottom team every week, so even if you’re starting to play now, there is plenty of time (40 weeks or so until NASCAR is over) to catch up.

    Oh, and whatever day you want to close entries will be fine by me. I’ll adjust accordingly.


  2. It wasn’t too bad with only one race, although I had to do a lot of double-checking to make sure I’d got the lower places right! I also wasn’t sure on the retirements, I need to ask – do you always score a DNF, or only when that series scores them? GrandAm and other series keep them listed as finishers but many laps down, but F1 and Le Mans 24h don’t classify them after a certain point.

    It should be fairly straightforward for people to catch up at this stage. I wonder if more people will join for the F1/IndyCar openers (on the same weekend!) – if so and they play well, as you say, they could pick up a good 50+ points over an average player from week to week. That would bring them in the hunt quite quickly.

    Of course it isn’t all about winning and I hope there’s enough of an appeal to just play for the challenge and the fun of it!


  3. I am in quite a bit of shock at the moment. Certainly did not expect that.

    Is it possible to show each entrants picks and show how many each driver got and see who was wise and where?


  4. I’m not sure I totally understand your question. Are you referring to cars not being classified at the end of the race? Because if that’s the case, then the answer is “yes”. I score every car that starts the race, unless they get excluded from the results due to an infraction (like Lewis last year at Melbourne). If two cars crash into each other on the first lap (or on any lap), I have to take the official website’s word for who “finished” ahead of whom. Sometimes that order can seem sort of random, but that’s the only thing I can go off of.

    I will say to the folks who might be thinking about playing: if you can get into it before then, don’t wait until the F1/IndyCar openers. It’ll still be possible to catch up to the early starters if you do start then, but it’d be much better to go ahead and start next week and just pick 7 random NASCAR guys (or rally guys) for the next few weeks. But, to each his own, and it’s still fun to play on a week-by-week basis. At least, I think so, but I’m biased. 😉


  5. Sorry, cars that the series considers as ‘retired’ or ‘not classified’. You’ve answered it though so that’s no problem, I’ll do it that way. The only hurdle is Le Mans itself where I think the cars are actually removed from the timing! Cross that when we get there.

    Also just so everyone is aware, I’ve made a new page which you can access through a link in the blog header. All new updates will continue as they are, in blog posts. The page will hold scores, rules and the schedule (when I finish it 🙂 ).


  6. I think showing everyone’s picks is too much to put into a blog post, so what I plan to do instead is to show two tables per week.
    – The first will show each player’s score from each series e.g. WRC, F1, NASCAR, then the week’s total.
    – The second will be nearly identical to the one in this post, with an extra column showing last week’s score, and maybe position changes too.

    I’m thinking about putting the full scoresheets online as a Google Doc or perhaps in a dropio, that way you could access the detailed picks.


  7. Hehe I said I’d be rubbish but it was only one race and someone had to be last… so onwards and upwards, maybe I should use a blindfold and a pin to pick next time 😉


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