Start Times: 26-27 June

Here is this week’s rough guide to race start times, all UK (GMT+1), please check your TV listings as pre-race shows vary. NASCAR Cup’s TV start time is given as the green flag time is not known.

UK Time Duration Series Venue Event
1pm MotoGP Assen Dutch TT
1pm 1 hour Formula 1 Valencia Qualifying
2.40pm 32 laps GP2 Series Valencia Race 1
8.55am 13 laps Auto GP Spa-Franchorchamps Race 1
9.35am 23 laps GP2 Series Valencia Race 2
10am 45min Superleague Nurburgring Race 1
11am 24 laps World Superbike Misano Race 1
1pm 57 laps Formula 1 Valencia European GP
1pm 45min Superleague Nurburgring Race 2
2pm 5 laps Superleague Nurburgring Superfinal
2.30pm 24 laps World Superbike Misano Race 2
2.35pm 10 laps Auto GP Spa-Franchorchamps Race 2
6pm (TV) 300 laps Sprint Cup New Hampshire Lenox Tools 301

Much of this incidental of course, the biggest event this weekend is in football. Germany v England in the World Cup is an event of major national significance and I’d say in this country it is the biggest international fixture possible in any sport. You can bet nearly everybody will be watching. F1 at Valencia will not long be finished but that race is boring anyway! Don’t expect anything in post-race analysis, the UK-based teams want to watch too (no doubt it’ll be tense down at MercedesGP). Note F1 is on BBC2 on Sunday due to Cup build-up.

Fantastically warm and sunny weekend though, so if the above races and the other games don’t grab you, I won’t blame you for disappearing off elsewhere.

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