Back from Silverstone

What an excellent day out, highly recommended even if the LMP1 battle fizzled out when McNish’s car did. So much else was going on on-track what with the petrol ‘sub-class’, the LMP2 fight was good and it also had a ‘sub-class’ of Formula Le Mans, and GT2 was as great a fight as it always is. At Abbey corner the Ferraris seemed to be the only ones in the entire field of 46 cars to take a huge chunk of kerb, many took a little bit and some gave it a wide berth.

The loss of GT1 is a real shame, the sole representative was the Larbre Saleen which looked the part and sounded fantastic, what a brilliant deep throaty engine noise. Surely a few more cars could have been found to send off the class in style, not that I want the class sent off. I’ve said before that I think there is still a place for GT1 in endurance racing, the cars under the new rules would surely become more reliable and faster over time.

I made a comment about RLM in my previous post and I should report that while I was in the areas the tannoy was loud enough to be heard*, there were no sarky comments from RLM about ‘not watching boring F1′ so thumbs up to them for that and indeed their coverage was as exceptional as always.

*The Belgians had theirs turned up FAR louder, Silverstone needs to do the same! Even the mighty Hindy couldn’t be heard, in fact some speakers weren’t even switched on.. I’m not expecting the audio to be heard over a car which is flashing past you, but it should be heard when the car is disappearing into the distance – often it wasn’t. Still, next time I’ll bring a radio.

I’ll bring a full report soon and there’ll be a photo gallery online Monday night.

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