TMR Game – Week 42

Welcome to Week 42 of the Too Much Racing Game!

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Racing this week:

This is the last multi-event week, the final two weeks consist of single events only – so make this week count.

Formula 1 – Abu Dhabi;
WRC – Britain;
NASCAR Cup -Phoenix;

Usual restrictions apply, pick up to 7 drivers in any individual race up to a maximum of 10 drivers.

The cutoff is Saturday 13th November at 4.59am GMT that’s 11.59pm Friday night US EST.

For the full results from Week 41, read on.

How To Enter

1. Reply to this post.

2. List up to 10 drivers, with no more than 7 from a single event.

3. Send your entry before the stated deadline. You can make as many changes as you like until the closing point, I’ll take your last entry.

Most weeks feature 2 or 3 races, some weeks may have more than that and some may only have one. There’s not a rule stating you have to choose a driver in each race, any combination of up to 10 drivers is accepted.

On to the results!

Top Tens

Week 41 Formula 1 Sprint Cup
Points Interlagos Texas
1 50 Sebastian Vettel Denny Hamlin
2 40 Mark Webber Matt Kenseth
3 35 Fernando Alonso Mark Martin
4 32 Lewis Hamilton Joey Logano
5 30 Jenson Button Greg Biffle
6 28 Nico Rosberg Kevin Harvick
7 26 Michael Schumacher Clint Bowyer
8 24 Nico Hulkenberg David Ragan
9 22 Robert Kubica Jimmie Johnson
10 20 Kamui Kobayashi Paul Menard
Asian Le Mans Series
Points Zhuhai
1 50 Montagny / Sarrazin
2 40 Kristensen / McNish
3 35 Capello / Dumas
4 32 Bourdais / Pagenaud
5 30 Nicolet / Da Rocha / Lafargue
6 28 Bergmeister / Long
7 26 Muller / Werner
8 24 Lieb / Lietz
9 22 Zacchia / Zhang / J.Lee
10 20 Bruni / Vilander / Melo

Points Awarded – Week 41

Player Asian LMS F1 NASCAR Week 41
Sean 279 67 50 396
Sebastian 279 107 0 386
The Speedgeek 279 105 0 384
Pat W 258 125 0 383
Burwellian 244 132 0 376
Jackie 212 154 0 366
Startledbunny 122 172 52 346
Jon Waldock 122 202 22 346
RG 90 144 74 308
James 0 90 101 191
Dank 0 0 87 87

Well done Sean!

Sean, Sebastian and Speedgeek smashed the Asian LMS points with 279 each and it was Sean with the right strategy, splitting the other series and picking up 10 more points. I wasn’t far behind the trio and I’m happy with that.

Startledbunny and Jon tied, I haven’t ranked them in any order this is just how Excel sorted them.

RG’s largely non-sportscar picks cost him dearly.

Check out Sebastian’s break-down of the scores to see how you got there.

Overall Standings – Week 41

Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 41 Total player gap
1 1 0 Sebastian 11481 386 11867
2 2 0 Pat W 10926 383 11309 558
3 3 0 RG 10602 308 10910 399
4 4 0 Sean 10509 396 10905 5
5 5 0 The Speedgeek 10354 384 10738 167
6 6 0 Jon Waldock 10130 346 10476 262
7 7 0 Startledbunny 10088 346 10434 42
8 9 1 Burwellian 8120 376 8496 1938
9 10 1 Jackie 8106 366 8472 24
10 8 -2 James 8279 191 8470 2
11 11 0 Dank 4473 87 4560 3910

Sean’s win and RG’s bad week sees Sean close up 88 points on his rival to now lie just 5 points behind 3rd position, with 3 rounds to go the last podium spot is all to play for – who would’ve guessed that a few weeks ago?

Jon and Startledbunny tied and remain at a 42 point gap, which is still within striking distance.

We have position changes! Burwellian and Jackie have caught and passed James who was a carryover entry. Burwellian opened up 10 points on Jackie, who is just 2 points ahead of James now. The battle for 8th is hotting up.

The weekend ahead sees the final multi-race round and the last chance to pick up big points, before we have a lone NASCAR week and then a lone DTM week, in both weeks the scores will be very tight. Make sure you enter this week!

Coming Up – Week 42

Formula 1 – The season finale at Abu Dhabi, where the title goes to the wire with a fight between Alonso, Webber, Vettel and Hamilton. Since some of them require a win to take the crown I really hope it means we see an interesting race there this year.

World Rally – Another season finale, this time in Wales for the forests of Rally Great Britain.

Sprint Cup – The year’s second visit to Phoenix, Arizona, for the penultimate round of the championship.

There are three weekends to go including this one. Enjoy the races and please do leave your feedback.


12 thoughts on “TMR Game – Week 42”

  1. Ah, the really big scores were for LMS and I knew I’d blow it with that, still I’m chuffed that Burwellian didn’t open up an even bigger gap on me so it’s still all to play for. I’m kinda sad that the game is drawing to a close as it’s been a lot of fun.


  2. F1
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Fernando Alonso
    Lewis Hamilton
    Robert Kubica

    Sebastian Loeb
    Sebastian Ogier
    Jari Matti Latvala

    Greg Biffle
    Jimmie Johnson


  3. I forgot how cursed Brazilians are at the Brazilian GP! Knew I should have taken Webber instead of Massa… 🙂

    And yeah, this is a fun battle; does it really have to end so soon?


  4. I might update these later.

    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button
    Fernando Alonso

    Sébastien Loeb
    Sébastien Ogier
    Jari-Matti Latvala
    Mikko Hirvonen

    Jimmie Johnson


  5. Latvala’s had a poor 7th stage and has slipped from the lead to 6th, over a minute behind Loeb.

    M Webber
    S Vettel
    L Hamilton
    F Alonso

    S Loeb
    S Ogier
    P Solberg

    J Johnson
    D Hamlin
    K Harvick


  6. No… I don’t want to pick it could all go horribly wrong!

    Here goes nothing.
    Formula One


    Sebastien Ogier
    Sebastian Loeb
    Mika Hirvonen


  7. F1:
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Fernando Alonso
    Nico Rosberg

    Sebastien Loeb
    Jari-Matti Lattvala

    Jimmie Johnson
    Tony Stewart
    Kevin Harvick


  8. Well… that could have possibly went better… christ, I’ve got to start defending the ball instead of edging it to the slips.

    F1: Hamilton, Webber, Vettel, Alonso
    WRC: Loeb, Ogier, Latvala
    NASCAR: Johnson, Harvick, Martin


  9. Looks like Citroen have the pace over Ford.

    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button
    Fernando Alonso

    Sébastien Loeb
    Sébastien Ogier
    Petter Solberg
    Dani Sordo

    Jimmie Johnson


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