TMR Game – Week 44

Welcome to Week 44 of the Too Much Racing Game!

* This is the final week! *

* Please leave any feedback and ideas for 2011 on this dedicated thread *

Racing this week:

DTM – Shanghai street race (not the F1 circuit);

Usual restrictions apply, pick up to 7 drivers in this lone race.

The cutoff is Saturday 27th November at 4.59am GMT that’s 11.59pm Friday night US EST.

For the full results from Week 43, read on.

How To Enter

1. Reply to this post.

2. List up to 10 drivers, with no more than 7 from a single event.

3. Send your entry before the stated deadline. You can make as many changes as you like until the closing point, I’ll take your last entry.

Most weeks feature 2 or 3 races, some weeks may have more than that and some may only have one. There’s not a rule stating you have to choose a driver in each race, any combination of up to 10 drivers is accepted.

On to the results!

Top Tens

Week 43 Sprint Cup
Points Homestead-Miami
1 50 Carl Edwards
2 40 Jimmie Johnson
3 35 Kevin Harvick
4 32 Aric Almirola
…wait, really??
5 30 AJ Allmendinger
6 28 Kasey Kahne
7 26 Ryan Newman
8 24 Tony Stewart
9 22 Matt Kenseth
10 20 Greg Biffle

Points Awarded – Week 43

Player NASCAR Week 43
Burwellian 184 184
Jackie 184 184
Sebastian 174 174
Jon Waldock 165 165
RG 165 165
Sean 161 161
Dank 145 145
Pat W 125 125
The Speedgeek 124 124
Startledbunny 122 122
James 92 92

A tie for the win, and it is between two of closest-matched players! Well done Jackie and Burwellian. They had near-identical picks, the only difference being Burwellian had Jeff Gordon and Jackie had Kyle Busch – normally this would have split them and also guaranteed a pretty strong result, as it was both drivers scored a single point each and guaranteed the tie.

Those same drivers hurt quite a few of us particularly myself, Jon and Startledbunny. Speedgeek was hit by the poor results of Montoya, Logano and McMurray while RG had Logano and Kyle Busch. Jon and RG had some pretty good scores, considering.

I’ve not ranked ties.

Check out Sebastian’s break-down of the scores to see how you got there.

Overall Standings – Week 43

Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 43 Total plyr
1 1 0 Sebastian 12192 174 12366
2 2 0 Pat W 11622 125 11747 619
3 3 0 Sean 11224 161 11385 362
4 4 0 RG 11217 165 11382 3
5 5 0 The Speedgeek 11066 124 11190 192
6 6 0 Jon Waldock 10808 165 10973 217
7 7 0 Startledbunny 10751 122 10873 100
8 8 0 Burwellian 8802 184 8986 1887
9 9 0 Jackie 8756 184 8940 46
10 10 0 James 8750 92 8842 98
11 11 0 Dank 4731 145 4876 3966

Sebastian’s lead has been unassailable for a while now and still he’s accelerating away, good job. I’m pottering along in 2nd position still.

The real battle is for 3rd and it has tightened up once more as RG outscored Sean by 4 points, to bring the gap to just 3 entering the final round – which way will it go?

All the other positions are pretty much set until you reach the Burwellian/Jackie battle for 8th. Burwellian has opened a real advantage ahead of a single-event week, the only way that place will be lost is if he scores as badly as I did this week and Jackie does well. This has been a fun fight!

Coming Up – Week 44

DTM – The final DTM round of the year is also the final TMRG race of the year. The venue is an as-yet unused street course in Shanghai, I’ve no idea why they aren’t using the multi-million-of-any-currency facility out of town. Being a street course it could be a bit of a crashfest, so who do you pick?

Enjoy the race if you can actually see it, and please do leave your game feedback here!


11 thoughts on “TMR Game – Week 44”

  1. Entries made last week – you can still change these if you like:

    di Resta

    di Resta

    Burwellian entered these in case of carryover:
    Di Resta


  2. It has been a fun fight with Burwellian and the rivalry in the latter stages has made the game all the more interesting for me. I reckon the scores are set now but that won’t stop me having one last go… ponders, should I go with DC? hehe


  3. NOTE – Don’t pick Premat as he’s been fired and replaced by Darryl O’Young. Don’t pick him either, he’s crap.

    My entry:

    Di Resta


  4. Paul di Resta
    Timo Scheider
    Gary Paffett
    Bruno Spengler
    Mattias Ekström
    David Coulthard
    Ralph Schumacher

    Thanks Pat 🙂
    Kinda sad it’s the last pick of the year 😦


  5. Thinking I’m going to need a miracle here, been a great battle with Sean, hate to lose out on third.

    DTM: Paul di Resta, Gary Paffett, Bruno Spengler, Timo Scheider, Mattias Ekstrom, Martin Tomczyk, Oliver Jarvis


  6. It is a shame Prémat was canned. He was a top-ten driver that was a good outside bet for anyone looking to try something a bit different. It leaves us with nine top-ten drivers to mostly pick from, with five or six being pretty obvious, and no surprise if some of us end up picking the same seven drivers.


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