TMR Game – Week 45 – 2010 Final Results

So here we are at long last, the final results of the 2010 Too Much Racing Game!

It has been a long road and I’m amazed to actually reach the finish line, a huge thank you to everyone who stayed, kept playing and helped out. I’m planning to continue into 2011 and I hope you’ll return too.

On to the results of the final week!

Top Tens

Week 44 DTM
Points Shanghai
1 50 Gary Paffett
2 40 Paul di Resta
3 35 Timo Scheider
4 32 Martin Tomczyk
5 30 Miguel Molina
6 28 Jamie Green
7 26 Markus Winkelhock
8 24 David Coulthard
9 22 Mattias Ekstrom
10 20 Ralf Schumacher

Points Awarded – Week 43

Player DTM Week 44
Sebastian 224 224
Jon Waldock 224 224
Sean 210 210
RG 209 209
Jackie 208 208
Burwellian 205 205
Pat W 202 202
Startledbunny 194 194
The Speedgeek 171 171
Dank 0 0
James 0 0

Another tied win! Well done Sebastian and Jon. It was very close from 3rd and down, Sean did well to emerge on top.

A bad final week for Speedgeek and Startledbunny, looks like Jarvis was the let down there.

Bruno Spengler only picked up 17 points for 13th rather than his usual top four position, but since everybody had picked him the only effect was to lower the final scores.

Overall Standings – Final Results

Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 44 Total plyr
1 1 0 Sebastian 12366 224 12590
2 2 0 Pat W 11747 202 11949 641
3 3 0 Sean 11385 210 11595 354
4 4 0 RG 11382 209 11591 4
5 5 0 The Speedgeek 11190 171 11361 230
6 6 0 Jon Waldock 10973 224 11197 164
7 7 0 Startledbunny 10873 194 11067 130
8 8 0 Burwellian 8986 205 9191 1876
9 9 0 Jackie 8940 208 9148 43
10 10 0 James 8842 0 8842 306
11 11 0 Dank 4876 0 4876 3966

It is with great honour that I am able to announce: Sebastian watches too much racing!

Massive congratulations to Sebastian on a dominant season, it had been put beyond doubt some time ago and then secured two weeks ago when it became impossible for me in second position to outscore his total.

I’m pleased to be runner-up because there is some heavyweight competition in this field who really do know their stuff.

Sean is worthy 3rd placed finisher, chasing down RG in the last few weeks to beat him by just four points, including the 1 point more scored this week. RG I thought did very well running the ‘alternate’ strategy of avoiding certain series as much as possible.

Speedgeek was unlucky not to win a week all season, one of the few players not to do so. He got screwed a few times by DNFs when his picks were running well.

The rest of the players scored well throughout the season but got messed around with the carryover scoring rules when they missed weeks. Under the proposed rules for 2011 they’d have been a bit more competitive, still behind but nothing like as far. They didn’t let it get to them and many came back to win weeks and score consistently well. Burwellian was last at one stage.


I really hope this game has fulfilled it’s primary aim of widening the general knowledge of other racing series. Even if you don’t know the reasons why someone is consistently fast, or know their teams or what have you, if you get an appreciation for the names who are doing well then that is something I’m happy with.

If you’d like to know more about your fellow players, please visit their works at the following links. Consider this a ‘credits’ section if you like.

Sebastian – EffJuan
Sean – Race Database and blog
RG – Northern Waffler and Sauber Insight
Speedgeek – Grab Bag Sports and SpeedGeek
Jon Waldock – The Feeder Series
Startledbunny – Started Bunny music podcasts and Another Planet
Burwellian – sorry, I don’t have any links
Jackie – VivaF1
James – The Checkered Flag and The Lap Times
Dank – Motorsport Musings

Thanks for playing, I hope you stick around over the winter because I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll see you bright and bushy tailed for the Daytona 24 Hours at the end of January for TMRG 2011.


6 thoughts on “TMR Game – Week 45 – 2010 Final Results”

  1. To lose out by four points, especially with so many points on offer is so tough but, well done Sean. That was a totally awesome fight right till the end.

    Congrats to Sebastian, far and away the best. Hopefully come next year there will be a much closer fight up top.

    And thanks Pat, a lot of hard work must have gone in to do this and its been good fun, cheers and see ya in January!


  2. Aww what a lovely round-up post. Congratulations to Sebastian and indeed to everyone who played, you all made it a compulsive game to be involved in.

    Here’s to ext year 🙂


  3. No need to apologise, I don’t really have any links to share anyway 🙂

    Congrats Sebastian, well done everyone. Good scrap towards the end Jackie; well fought and good fun!

    …and of course, thanks Pat for running it. See you in January.


  4. (I got my repaired PC back on Saturday afternoon. It had died by nine! Typing this in a cold internet café.)

    Thank you for those that have congratulated me on my win. This game does fit well with my skill-set, but most of it was luck, notably about weeks 23 to 30ish when I made up most my lead. During this period, not only did my drivers do better than I might have expected but, more fortunately, the drivers others picked, especially those of closer rivals in overall points, were hit by calamities again and again. I think it will be a lot closer next season and luck does play a big part.

    I know from our exchange of e-mails over the scores that Pat thinks maybe I have been a bit too analytical instead of just treating it as a bit of fun, but I only did this to avoid Patrick the embarrassment of winning his own game by his being the most analytical (…not!). I have enjoyed this game immensely, and very much look forward to next year. Thank you to Patrick for coming up with such a super competition.

    As for watching too much racing, I did try but NASCAR and IRL did not enthrall me, and I could not find DTM-streaming in English. I did do too much research on Wikipedia and I also think I do not do enough gambling. I suppose I should start learning about dratted Moto GP, but I am still not going to watch it.


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