TMR Game 2011: Week 2

Hello and welcome to the TMR Game. This post contains the results for Week 1.


There is a two-week gap in the schedule, for the sake of consistency I am incrementing week numbers even when there is no racing and I’ll continue to post updates. The next race is the Daytona 500 in Week 4. You may choose to lodge a provisional entry now, I will not lock in any choices until 12th February and you are free to make changes until then.

It is worth pointing out, the 500 kicks off a three-week spell of just NASCAR Cup races. That’s is the unfortunate side-effect of removing the WRC I’m afraid. Since the ‘Carryover’ rule is defunct this is a good opportunity to mention that if you want the same line-up for all of those races please do tell me that when you enter the first of them or you will be subject to the ‘80% rule’ discussed last week.

Speaking of the game rules, I finally found time to update this page for 2011. Please have a quick read.

Scores – Week 1

Here are the results from Week 1.

Top Ten

Week 1 GrandAm Rolex Series
Points Rolex 24 at Daytona
1 50 01 Ganassi Racing
2 40 02 Ganassi Racing
3 35 9 Action Express
4 32 23 United Autosports
5 30 10 SunTrust Racing
6 28 76 Krohn Racing
7 26 6 Michael Shank Racing
8 24 55 Level 5 Motorsports
9 22 5 Action Express
10 20 60 Michael Shank Racing

Ganassi dominated the result despite their early setbacks with gear ratios and punctures. Very impressive. I was so pleased for United Autosports as well, a fantastic result.

Weekly & Overall Table

Obviously there is no point posting both the weekly and overall score tables in the first week so I’ll only post one of them.

Player GrandAm Week 1
1 Startledbunny 224 224
2 Sean 212 212
3 Ryan 194 194
4 Jackie 192 192
5 James 191 191
6 The Crooked Cap 189 189
7 RubberGoat 188 188
8 Sebastian 182 182
9 Dylan 177 177
10 Pat W 175 175
11 Jay 175 175
12 Maverick 146 146
13 The Speedgeek 140 140

Congratulations Startledbunny! Not only were you the only one to pick the top four finishers, your lowest score was 19 points for 11th place! Sean’s lowest score was 9 for Flying Lizard, and everybody else had a single point as their lowest. Almost all of those lone points were down to Starworks.

I thought this might be a fairly close contest but there was a fair spread of scores here. I was surprised at Speedgeek’s GT gamble which really didn’t pay off at all, although in his defence the #66 ought to have earned some points rather than that zero.

Note – I accepted Ryan’s entry of #06 and #07 as #6 and #7. There was an #07 and not an #06, which told me you probably meant to choose the two DP cars. Let me know if this was wrong. It doesn’t really matter as the difference is a single point.

Please view Sebastian’s break-down of the scores to see how you arrived at these totals.

Upcoming Races

Daytona 500 (Week 4)

Although this is a fortnight away you are free to enter now. Personally I wouldn’t, but if you think you might not be here it may be worth doing. Daytona is a bit of a lottery anyway!

In Closing

I will be back next Tuesday with a short recap of the scores and notes of any news, I expect it’ll be a very short post, I’m only really doing it to get myself back into the habit and to keep the game under people’s noses.

Thanks everybody for both returning and joining new, I hope you enjoy this season. If you know anybody who may like to join in starting at the Daytona 500, please do send them this way!


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  1. Hmmm, well. That strategy blew right up in my face, didn’t it. After the first hour or two, I was feeling good about picking two GT cars (seemed like all the DPs were going to hit trouble, each other or slowpoke GT cars), but then most of the DPs came back. And then I went and picked the wrong TRG car for the win. Oops. Better luck next week.


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