TMR Game 2011: Week 5

Hello and welcome to the TMR Game Week 5.

This post accepts entries for the Phoenix NASCAR Sprint Cup race which is the only event this week.


Thinking of joining in? If you place your first entry during the first 8 weeks of the game you will receive 80% of the lowest player’s score from any weeks you missed. That brings you into contention whilst applying a small penalty for lateness, the rest is up to you!

Each week you pick 10 drivers with a maximum of 7 from a single championship. This is the middle of a run of three NASCAR-only weeks so I’m looking for 7 Cup drivers please.

See this page for the game rules.

Email reminders will be sent on Thursdays or Fridays by either myself or Sebastian. Please leave a valid email address in the comment form. If you do not wish to receive reminders please let us know, otherwise we’ll assume we’re okay to send them. Also let us know (privately if you prefer) if you would like to use a different address to the one you use here.

The deadline for entries is Saturday morning at 6am GMT / 1am ET. Read on for results..


Race Results – Top Ten

Week 4 NASCAR Sprint Cup
Points Daytona 500
1 50 Trevor Bayne
2 40 Carl Edwards
3 35 David Gilliland
4 32 Bobby Labonte
5 30 Kurt Busch
6 28 Juan Pablo Montoya
7 26 Regan Smith
8 24 Kyle Busch
9 22 Paul Menard
10 20 Mark Martin

We say Daytona can be a lottery but look at that list, amazing! Huge congratulations to Trevor Bayne. Those who picked the Busch pair and/or Montoya will do well this week, practically all the other big names fell out or fell back, including many of last year’s Chase contenders.

Player Scores

Player Sprint Cup Week 4
1 James 134 134
2 Dylan 100 100
3 Felipe 99 99
4 Sebastian 98 98
5 Pat W 81 81
6 The Crooked Cap 77 77
7 Sean 76 76
8 Ryan 76 76
9 Jay 74 74
10 Startledbunny 65 65
11 Jackie 41 41
12 The Speedgeek 22 22
13 * RubberGoat 18 18
14 * Maverick 18 18

* awarded 80% of the lowest score by a full-entry, in this case that was Speedgeek’s result. Unlucky, boys.

Well done James! That’s an incredible score given the number of big names to hit trouble. Edwards, Montoya and Kurt Busch was a good combination. Dylan, Felipe and Sebastian did well, too.

Everybody was hit by the lottery of this race, you can see the impact in Sebastian’s excellent recap of the week when a lot of fancied names for the top 5 all picked up a single point. You can also see that everybody picked Kevin Harvick.

Nobody (among those entering) was affected more than The Speedgeek who is at the bottom of the table for the second time in just two events. Bowyer was the single pick scoring in double-digits for the ‘Geek, the other 6 picks couldn’t match that drivers’ individual score. Hard luck and I hope you do better this week!

There’s a real pressure to not be last each week this year because it knocks on to what other people score when they miss a race – you don’t want that guilt! 80% of 22 points is 18 points and that’s what RubberGoat and Maverick both score this time.

Overall Scores

Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 5 TOTAL
1 5 4 James 191 134 325
2 1 -1 Startledbunny 224 65 289
3 2 -1 Sean 212 76 288
4 8 4 Sebastian 182 98 280
5 9 4 Dylan 177 100 277
6 3 -3 Ryan 194 76 270
7 6 -1 The Crooked Cap 189 77 266
8 10 2 Pat W 175 81 256
9 11 2 Jay 175 74 249
10 4 -6 Jackie 192 41 233
11 14 3 Felipe 0+112* 99 211
12 7 -5 RubberGoat 188 18 206
13 12 -1 Maverick 146 18 164
14 13 -1 The Speedgeek 140 22 162

James takes the lead!

There’s lots of jostling all over the table which is to be expected for only the second race and I hope lasts for a while yet! I like it when things are mixed up, it keeps everyone on their toes.

* Felipe was awarded 112 points for the Rolex 24 via the ‘newcomer within the first 8 weeks’ rule. 140 x 80% = 112. He made great use of it too, finishing 3rd in Week 4 and leapfrogging Speedgeek and the non-entering RubberGoat and Maverick.

Upcoming Races

NASCAR Sprint Cup (NSC): Subway Fresh Fit 500, Phoenix, Arizona

The unique dogleg feature of the 1-mile Phoenix International Raceway is going to be extensively renovated in time for the Cup Series’ second visit later in the year, so this is your last chance to see it in the classic configuration. I expect this race to be far less of a lottery than was Daytona but with this series most races have a random element to them. I must say I’ve never watched a race at this venue before and I am strongly tempted to do so this year, whether it is Cup or one of the supporting series I don’t yet know. Entry List.

In Closing

Let’s hope for better luck this week and a higher success rate among our picks.

If you know anybody who may like to join in starting at the Phoenix 500, please do send them this way!


17 thoughts on “TMR Game 2011: Week 5”

  1. Ah well, my stint near the top of the leaderboard didn’t last long! Those were a very unusual set of results and I wonder if that will have much influence on who people pick this week. I’m thinking that I’ll just stick with my last picks but I’d best check that they are all competing this weekend.


  2. My late substitution of Burton for Montoya turned out to be an error, but made sense at the time. I will try this lot for Phoenix.

    Jimmie Johnson
    Mark Martin
    Carl Edwards
    Denny Hamlin
    Kyle Busch
    Kurt Busch
    Jeff Gordon


  3. Yeah, sorry I missed the last couple of weeks – holidays and all that…

    I’m really sad they are taking away the dogleg in the Phoenix oval – the uniqueness of it makes it a very special track so I’m sorry to see it go.

    I’m gonna have to play a bit of a wildcard this week as there’s only 1 ex-F1 driver in the list, so here we go:

    1. Juan Pablo Montoya
    2. Jimmie Johnson
    3. Jeff Gordon
    4. Carl Edwards
    5. Kurt Busch
    6. Mark Martin
    7. Tony Stewart


  4. 6th? Best make amends to that.

    Kyle Busch. Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Jamie McMurray, Jimmie Johnson et Marcos Ambrose.


  5. I have no comment, other than to say that if you want to curse somebody to a poor finish this year, let me know and I’ll pick them for that week.

    Greg Biffle
    Kevin Harvick
    Matt Kenseth
    Mark Martin
    Tony Stewart
    Ryan Newman
    Kurt Busch


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