TMR Game 2011: Week 7

Hello and welcome to TMR Game Week 7.

There is no racing this weekend that is eligible for the TMR Game (though do watch IRC or NCWTS if you like). However, if you would like to post a provisional entry for the following week you may do so.


Thinking of joining in? If you place your first entry during the first 10 weeks of the game you will receive 80% of the lowest player’s score from any weeks you missed. That brings you into contention whilst applying a small penalty for lateness, the rest is up to you!  [Note – This bonus was set at the first 8 weeks to bring it up to the first F1 race plus the following week, but as Bahrain has been cancelled I have extended it to include Melbourne plus the following week.]

Each week you will pick 10 drivers, with a maximum of 7 from a single championship. Just as advance warning Week 8 will be the first week of the year featuring more than a single race.

See this page for the game rules.

Email reminders will be sent on Thursdays or Fridays by either myself or Sebastian. Please leave a valid email address in the comment form. If you do not wish to receive reminders please let us know, otherwise we’ll assume we’re okay to send them. Also let us know (privately if you prefer) if you would like to use a different address to the one you use here.

The deadline for entries is Saturday morning at 6am GMT / 1am ET. Read on for results..


Race Results – Top Ten

Week 6 NASCAR Sprint Cup
Points Las Vegas
1 50 Carl Edwards
2 40 Tony Stewart
3 35 Juan Pablo Montoya
4 32 Marcos Ambrose
5 30 Ryan Newman
6 28 Martin Truex Jr
7 26 Denny Hamlin
8 24 Dale Earnhardt Jr
9 22 Kurt Busch
10 20 Brian Vickers

I was pleased with good finishes by JPM and Marcos Ambrose, and Ambrose especially.

Player Scores

Player Sprint Cup Week 6
1 The Speedgeek 148 148
2 James 141 141
3 RubberGoat 128 128
4 Pat W 127 127
5 Sebastian X 124 124
6 Startledbunny 119 119
7 Sean 113 113
8 Dylanpt24 111 111
9 Felipe Gana 107 107
10 Ryan 89 89
11 Mike Rice 85 85
12 Maverick 76 76
13 Jay 76 76
14 Jackie 72 72
15 *The Crooked Cap *58 58

Congratulations to Andy ‘The SpeedGeek’ on his long overdue first win! Some really poor luck last season meant he was pretty much the only player not to win during the first game, which was a shame since TMRG is based on his ARFL game. It was convincing too for the lead pair, as only James had a score anywhere close (at least in terms of a single-event week). These were the only two players to pick both Edwards and Stewart and those drivers looked good practically all race long (especially Stewart).

RubberGoat, myself and Sebastian are in the next group before things gradually space out. Five entrants scored below 100, including newcomer Mike, but he’s in good company as he’s joined by three from last week’s top five high scorers.

* The Crooked Cap was awarded 80% of the lowest score by a full-entry due to not submitting an entry, that’s Jackie’s 72pts.

Do see Sebastian’s recap of the scores to find out how you reached these totals, it is easily laid out and always worth checking.

Overall Scores

Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 6 Total
1 1 0 James 482 141 623
2 4 2 Sebastian X 467 124 591
3 2 -1 Startledbunny 471 119 590
4 3 -1 Sean 469 113 582
5 8 3 Pat W 443 127 570
6 5 -1 Dylanpt24 449 111 560
7 6 -1 Ryan 446 89 535
8 7 -1 Jackie 444 72 516
9 9 0 Jay 435 76 511
10 11 1 RubberGoat 371 128 499
11 12 1 Felipe Gana 368 107 475
12 14 2 The Speedgeek 319 148 467
13 10 -3 The Crooked Cap 392 58* 450
14 13 -1 Maverick 361 76 437
15 15 0 Mike Rice 0+256** 85 341

James retains the lead with his 2nd-placed score this week. There’s a very tight battle for 2nd which I’m trying to claw myself into. RubberGoat, Felipe and SpeedGeek have caught up some lost ground on the midfield. A warm welcome to Mike who starts with a small disadvantage but isn’t too far back from the field, we’ve just seen the wooden spoon recipient of the opening rounds win this week whilst some of last week’s top players struggled – there are a lot of points to be won over the next few months.

* The Crooked Gap scored 80% of the lowest score this week.
** Mike joined us and under the ‘first ten races rule’ gets 80% of the lowest scores in each of the weeks completed to date.

There is a chance to make up plenty of lost ground the weekend after this one when you have the opportunity to pick podium finishers in three different races.

Upcoming Races

This week we have a gap in the schedule where the Bahrain GP used to be. Take a breather, I’ll be back next Tuesday with the entry post for these races:

12 Hours of Sebring (ILMC / ALMS);
Qatar Grand Prix (MotoGP);
Jeff Byrd 500, Bristol (NASCAR Sprint Cup);

See you then!


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