TMR Game 2011 – Week 42

Hello and welcome to TMR Game Week 42.

3 weeks to go including this one. This post accepts entries for these 3 races in what is the last weekend of the season to feature more than one race:

– F1 Abu Dhabi
– ILMC 6 Hours of Zhuhai
– NASCAR Cup Phoenix


Each week you pick 10 entries with a maximum of 7 of those coming from a single championship.
You can have any mix of races from those listed in this post, and you don’t have to use all of them.

See this page for the rules.

Email reminders will be sent on Thursdays or Fridays by either myself or Sebastian. Please leave a valid email address in the comment form.



Week 41 MotoGP NASCAR Cup
Points Valencia Texas
1 50 Stoner Stewart
2 40 Spies Edwards
3 35 Dovizioso Kahne
4 32 Crutchlow Kenseth
5 30 Pedrosa Biffle
6 28 Nakasugo J Gordon
7 26 Hayes Earnhardt Jr
8 24 Abraham Truex Jr
9 22 Capirossi Bowyer
10 20 Elias Allmendinger


Player Scores

Player MotoGP NASCAR Week 41
Sebastian X 202 88 290
RubberGoat 194 94 288
Maverick 200 88 288
Dylanpt24 166 114 280
Pat W 144 135 279
Jackie 144 111 255
Felipe Gana 130 118 248
The Speedgeek 168 79 247
Startledbunny 144 90 234
Sean 144 81 225
Ryan (80%) 180
Crooked Cap (80%) 180
James (80%) 180
Jay (80%) 180
Mike Rice (80%) 180

Well done Sebastian, and also to RubberGoat and Maverick for tieing 2nd position just 2 points behind.

Before Sunday’s race I elected to award Michael McDowall’s points from the Cup race to those who had picked Kyle Busch. I didn’t expect a high score but I also didn’t expect him to just pick up a single point. Annoyingly this has blunted the challenge of Sean and others, but the blame for that lies at Kyle’s door and nobody else’s.

Well done to Dylan for taking a punt on Hayes and Spies, it paid off after that first corner crash!

Please see the results produced by Sebastian for the points spread.


Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 41 Total +
1 1 0 Sebastian X 10692 290 10982
2 2 0 Sean 10607 225 10832 150
3 3 0 RubberGoat 10350 288 10638 194
4 4 0 Pat W 10136 279 10415 223
5 5 0 Maverick 10113 288 10401 14
6 6 0 The Speedgeek 10077 247 10324 77
7 7 0 Felipe Gana 10024 248 10272 52
8 8 0 Jackie 9967 255 10222 50
9 9 0 Startledbunny 9740 234 9974 248
10 10 0 Dylanpt24 9168 280 9448 526
11 11 0 Ryan 8836 180 9016 432
12 12 0 The Crooked Cap 8441 180 8621 395
13 13 0 James 7962 180 8142 479
14 14 0 Jay 7493 180 7673 469
15 15 0 Mike Rice 6977 180 7157 516

No position changes.

Races This Week

F1 Abu Dhabi

Pick Sebastian Vettel because he’ll win, and if he doesn’t then surely Jenson Button will. There hasn’t been a good F1 race at this track yet, the question mark is whether the Pirelli allocations and the DRS will change that? I really hope so. Anyway, at least there is Interlagos to look forward to.

ILMC 6 Hours of Zhuhai

The finale of the inaugural ILMC, and also the last ever round of the ILMC before it is superceded by World Endurance Championship next season. Excited for 2012? I am!

You can find an entry list PDF here.

Naturally the choice is again between the Nos. 1 & 2 Audis and the Nos. 7 & 8 Peugeots. Notables include the absense of the ORECA Peugeot. There are only 9 LMP1 cars but there are very few weak links. I assume the Aston Martin entry is the older Lola version which can actually finish races. Rebellion and OAK would make for solid picks as well. If some of the LMP1s don’t take your fancy you could try LMP2 with Signatech or the OAK entry in that class.

Incidentally, Mika Hakkinen is a making an appearing in guesting GTC category for the Merc SLS AMG and Audi R8 LMS.

Sadly this race is on in the small hours UK/European time, with coverage from Radio Le Mans and the Audi and Peugeot web feeds. Eurosport might have something but then again they might not, who knows with them.

NASCAR Cup Phoenix

A return to the one-mile Phoenix oval. I think this must be the first race back since the place was reconfigured with a slightly different shape (unless that was last year..). I’m not sure how that’ll change the racing but I can’t imagine the usual suspects will be very far from the top ten unless they get in a tangle.

Coming Soon

There are two weeks left after this one and they are both single-event weeks:

Week 43 – NASCAR Cup Homestead-Miami

Week 44 – F1 Brazilian GP


19 thoughts on “TMR Game 2011 – Week 42”

  1. F1
    Sebastian Vettel
    Jenson Button
    Fernando Alonso
    Mark Webber


    After Busch’s playground antics I can’t pick him again.
    Carl Edwards
    Tony Stewart
    Kevin Harvick


  2. Sean, I doubt this is any consolation; I really want to win this but the terrible luck you have had is taking the fun out of it.

    Pleased to win the week and I know Aoyama got me points, but I have never been so embarrassed by a pick I have made. Last of the finishers and horribly off the pace to everyone. In my defence, he had had a very consistant season and was tenth in the championship, seventh in the points of the riders in the race, so I thought I had reason to expect eighth, ninth, tenth.

    Formula One:
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button
    Fernando Alonso

    #1 Audi(Bernhard/Fässier)
    #2 Audi(Kristensen/McNish)
    #7 Peugeot(Bourdais/Davidson)
    #8 Peugeot(Montagny/Sarrazin)

    Jimmie Johnson

    Not sure about that last choice. Johnson has a fine record at that track but it is not that track any more. I understand Phoenix is not as flattish an oval as it was, making it more NASCAR-generic (boo).


  3. F1:
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button

    #7 Peugeot
    #8 Peugeot
    #2 Audi
    #12 Rebellion Lola-Toyota
    #24 Oak Pescarolo-Judd

    NASCAR Cup:
    Biff Riffle (again…he’s gonna win one of these days…or not)


  4. F1:
    1. Vettel
    2. Webber
    3. Hamilton
    4. Button
    5. Alonso
    6. Massa

    7. #1 Audi(Bernhard/Fässier)
    8. #2 Audi(Kristensen/McNish)
    9. #7 Peugeot(Bourdais/Davidson)
    10. #8 Peugeot(Montagny/Sarrazin)


  5. F1
    Vettel, Button, Alonso, Webber

    #1 Audi, #2 Audi, #7 Pug, #8 Pug, #24 Oak
    Very tough to choose between 007 Aston, 12 Rebellion and 24 Oak, that should be a closely matched battle for first petrol car home. With this being 6hrs I nearly went with Rosberg or Hamilton in F1 instead, so this might turn around and bite me.

    Tony Stewart what with his good run, which by picking him I will surely jinx. 🙂


  6. Don’t have a lot of faith in both Audis making the finish but feel forced to pick both as if at least one does it should finish high. Torn between Schumacher, Stewart and Edwards for the tenth spot – think I’ll play the percentages.


    #1 Audi(Bernhard/Fässier)
    #2 Audi(Kristensen/McNish)
    #7 Peugeot(Bourdais/Davidson)
    #8 Peugeot(Montagny/Sarrazin)


  7. Okay, I need to create some crazy volatility here, so that’s what I’m doing. Since it’s rather hard to predict which underdog entries will finish highly in a six hour race, I’m going extremely Phoenix-heavy as I think that will be more predictable than any endurance race is, and this should create the most volatility because Sebastian ignored the category.

    F1 – Button, Vettel
    ILMS – 7, 8
    Cup – Ku. Busch, J. Gordon, Edwards, Kahne, Kenseth, Stewart


  8. What else can you do? I did pick Johnson. I am now a bit worried about the Audis, but with a smaller field than other ILMC rounds, there should be less back-markers for them to hit.


  9. Great week for Jackie.. and sorry for Sean having another poor week, 2 Cup picks only scoring a point and another only scoring 8.. at least you had the top three.


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