TMR Game 2011 – Week 45 & Final Scores

Hello and welcome to TMR Game Week 45.

It is over! The long season which stretched right back to the Rolex 24 at Daytona in February has finally come to an end. I don’t know about you but I could use a few weeks off before the Dakar Rally gets going.

Here are the final scores for the 2011 TMR Game.



Week 44 F1
Points Interlagos
1 50 Webber
2 40 Vettel
3 35 Button
4 32 Alonso
5 30 Massa
6 28 Sutil
7 26 Rosberg
8 24 di Resta
9 22 Kobayashi
10 20 Petrov


Player Scores

Player F1 Week 44
Sebastian X 221 221
RubberGoat 221 221
Maverick 221 221
Jackie 217 217
Sean 210 210
Startledbunny 210 210
Felipe Gana 208 208
Pat W 206 206
The Speedgeek 176 176
Dylanpt24 (80%) 141
Ryan (80%) 141
Crooked Cap (80%) 141
James (80%) 141
Jay (80%) 141
Mike Rice (80%) 141

Well done to Sebastian, RubberGoat and Maverick for the three-way tie. The predictable safe picks won through as I think most of us expected. Worth a gamble for the rest of us though, with gearbox problems through the field it could have been a different result.

Thanks to Andy for saving my blushes and preventing me from finishing last in the final week of my own game via his strategy of not picking the eventual race winner!

A very close table as you might expect from what has been a fairly predictable F1 season.

Please see the results produced by Sebastian for the points spread.


Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 44 Total +
1 1 0 Sebastian X 11489 221 11710
2 2 0 Sean 11176 210 11386 324
3 3 0 RubberGoat 11145 221 11366 20
4 4 0 Maverick 10908 221 11129 237
5 5 0 Pat W 10903 206 11109 20
6 6 0 Felipe Gana 10766 208 10974 135
7 7 0 Jackie 10755 217 10972 2
8 8 0 The Speedgeek 10736 176 10912 60
9 9 0 Startledbunny 10471 210 10681 231
10 10 0 Dylanpt24 9723 141 9864 817
11 11 0 Ryan 9291 141 9432 432
12 12 0 The Crooked Cap 8896 141 9037 395
13 13 0 James 8417 141 8558 479
14 14 0 Jay 7948 141 8089 469
15 15 0 Mike Rice 7432 141 7573 516

Congratulations Sebastian, two titles in two years!

Well done too to Sean for putting up a solid fight in the middle of the season, sadly falling towards the end due to some really bad luck not of his own making.

RubberGoat did a good job to spring from the midfield and claim a solid 3rd place and closed in on Sean towards the end there.

I can’t believe Mav beat me at his first attempt – pah!

Despite scoring nearly 11,000 points, Felipe and Jackie were only separated by 2 points at the end! Very good battling in the midfield all year long. And a good improvement from Jackie over last year if I may say.

I’d hoped Speedgeek and Startledbunny would be a little more competitive, especially with some good showings from time to time, not sure what happened there guys.

It was a shame so many decided to bail out, but it is a fair old commitment to come back every week I suppose.

In Closing

Thanks to everybody who took part this year and last, and also to those who helped out, not least Sebastian for his scoretable and email assistance. I hope it was fun and that it broadened horizons into different worlds of racing.

Will there be a game in 2012? I really don’t know.

I don’t want to lose it but I’d also like to do something which doesn’t have a set timetable – even if I start a written column here I might not keep it to a set day. I often have enough time pressure at work that I don’t need it in a hobby. I’m not necessarily saying it takes a lot to run, I just want to go into a Monday night knowing I’m not trapped into spending an hour or two (or three on a busy week) sorting out scores, and then having to nag and chase people at the end of the week! Mind you I input most of the results not just those which need scoring.. which is probably not necessary. But I also know I’m complaining because I’m tired now – in January I’ll want to start again!

Perhaps we’ll all have a nice break and then decide in late December / early January. Please do think about whether you’d like to volunteer to run it or help out.

Thanks again and I hope you stick around over the winter either here or on social media. I’m also on Twitter and have personal accounts on FB and now G+ so do look me up on those if you haven’t already.


3 thoughts on “TMR Game 2011 – Week 45 & Final Scores”

  1. “I can’t believe Mav beat me at his first attempt – pah!”
    Oh, so that’s why you’re not doing this next year! (Joking) πŸ˜‰

    Very, very pleased with fourth, seem to remember being down in 12th after a dreadful Le Mans weekend. It took a long while to understand NASCAR (A: like women, you can’t!)

    Thanks for the competition, it’s been good fun.


  2. Dang nabbit Massa finishing did me in! πŸ™‚ And hey, only 738 points behind Sebastian (who says I’m not competitive!)

    Great game Pat I thoroughly enjoyed it and, despite some of my scores I have felt I have learned a bit more about other series.which was one of your aims.

    If you do decide to carry on next year and need a bit of a hand, give me a shout.

    Thanks again to you and Sebastian for all your work. Much love xx


  3. First of all, thanks to Patrick for all the work on the game and coming up with such a brilliant format (with thanks to Andy for his part in that).

    I realise it would have been nicer to have a different winner, but I am delighted to win again. Commiserations to Sean. Not many weeks ago, the score-difference between us was less than 1%, and surely any variation of luck between us would have made more difference than that. With about ten weeks to go, Sean had a reasonable lead, we were both making solid conservative selections, often eight or nine the same, and I was thinking that I did not want to change my approach, but I was screwed unless I had better luck than Sean, which I then had a burst of with repeatedly one of Sean’s one or two different picks having terrible fortune. This way, I had edged the lead with a lot less weeks left, so Sean needed the luck, and started making deliberately different picks to roll the dice, and his luck continued to be horrible with things going from bad to worse to even worse. So the final score-difference is not indicative of just how amazingly close a season it was between us. To be honest, I thought Sean had some good luck earlier in the season with some bold unforced NASCAR picks, but that I had the luck back and more later on.

    After abandoning an early policy of picking ex-F1 drivers, Gavin took to an approach that was even more conservative than mine, and congratulations to him for being best of the newcomers. Commiserations to others, especially Patrick (since he organised the game) who came second last year but this year had more bad-luck weeks than deserved.


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