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2018 Creventic Hankook 24H Series Schedule



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*Correct at 7 December 2017*

The Hankook 24H Series grew out of GT and touring car endurance racing centred around the Dubai 24H every January. The headline category is for GT3 cars.

In 2017 it expanded rapidly, proving too much too soon, so 2018 sees an overall reduction in venues and events. But many of the remaining events have more activity, with the addition of Proto Series races at select meetings.

In 2018 we see three separate schedules:

GT Series = Grand Touring (GT3, GT4).

TCE Series = Touring Car Endurance (TCR, etc.).

‘PROTO Series’ = Prototype (LMP3, CN).

Each of the divisions contains further sub-classes, we don’t need to go into those here.

All races include two of these divisions: sometimes GT + Touring Car, sometimes GT + Prototypes.

No race includes all three divisions in the same race. Prototypes and Touring Cars do not compete in the same race. Some weekends contain a race or races for GT + Proto and another race for GT + TC. This is why I have decided to include all 24H Series races in a single calendar.

This is sports car racing, it isn’t meant to be easy!

The final thing to note is the 12H and 24H races are not always continuous. There is sometimes an overnight break due to local noise regulations. I have tried to show when races are over two days but you MUST check these yourself if you are planning to watch live. Also, the exact race timings may have changed since I wrote this blog post in December 2017.

(By way of example, the 12H Silverstone for noisy GT cars stops in the evening and resumes in the morning, the 24H Silverstone for the quieter touring cars runs non-stop).

Here is a table showing dates of each meeting,

Date Classes Event Circuit Location Country
6 Jan 18 PROTO + GT 3x3H Dubai Dubai Autodrome Dubai UAE
7 Jan 18 PROTO + GT 3x3H Dubai Dubai Autodrome Dubai UAE
12 Jan 18 GT + TCE 24H Dubai Dubai Autodrome Dubai UAE
9 Mar 18 PROTO + GT 12H Silverstone Silverstone Circuit Towcester UK
10 Mar 18 TCE 24H Silverstone Silverstone Circuit Towcester UK
22 Apr 18 PROTO + GT 12H Navarra Circuito de Navarra Navarra Spain
26 May 18 GT + TCE 12H Imola Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Imola Italy
6 Jul 18 PROTO + GT 3x3H Portimao Autódromo Internacional do Algarve Portimao Portugal
7 Jul 18 GT + TCE 24H Portimao Autódromo Internacional do Algarve Portimao Portugal
8 Sep 18 GT + TCE 24H Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya Catalunya Spain
13 Oct 18 GT + TCE 12H Spa Spa-Francorchamps Franchorchamps Belgium
15 Nov 18 PROTO + GT 3x3H COTA Circuit of the Americas Austin USA
16 Nov 18 GT + TCE 24H COTA Circuit of the Americas Austin USA

What’s Changed?


Deleted events:

  • Mugello (GT+TCE)
  • Misano (TCE)
  • Spielberg (GT+TCE)
  • Paul Ricard (GT+TCE)
  • Magny-Cours (TCE)

New events:

  • 12 Hours of Silverstone for the Proto Series, finishing just before the Touring Car 24 Hours begins.
  • 12 Hours of Navarra for Proto Series.
  • An expansion of the 3 x 3-hour format for the Proto Series, all in support of longer races at established events.

Preceding the 24H Silverstone is a new event, the 12H Silverstone for the Proto Series cars. Part of the race will be on Friday, the rest on Saturday with the 24H TCE race starting shortly afterwards.

The GT and TCE Series both will reduce dates for cost control, there are no new events for these, however the GT teams may enter any of the Proto Series rounds on a non-championship basis.

Trialled at Dubai last year, the Proto Series will support three existing events, racing three times for 3 hours duration at each meeting.


Each of the 3 divisions has two titles. I’m not going to denote on the Google/iCal Calendars as it adds complexity.

Championship of the Continents:

  • 3x3H Dubai (Proto)
  • 24H Dubai (GT+TCE)
  • 3x3H Portimao (Proto)
  • 24H Portimao (GT+TCE)
  • 3x3H COTA (Proto)
  • 24H COTA (GT+TCE)

GT cars are eligible to compete in these 3H races on a Non-Championship basis.

European Championship:

  • 12H Silverstone (GT + Proto)
  • 24H Silverstone (TCE)
  • 12H Navarra (GT + Proto)
  • 12H Imola (GT+TCE)
  • 3x3H Portimao (Proto)
  • 24H Portimao (GT+TCE)
  • 24H Barcelona (GT+TCE)
  • 12H Spa (GT+TCE)


Every round is live for free on www.24hseries.com including archived races. Live radio coverage is live and free on www.radiolemans.com and the video coverage includes their commentary.

The live timing & scoring data stream is the best in the business, anything you can think of is on there!

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