Quick update

I’m currently revising for an exam I’m sitting on Friday (taxation, yay!), hence the recent lack of updates. I haven’t watched many of my recordings either. I did see GP2 at the Hungaroring a week ago, which was fairly tedious actually. The only decent racing at the Hungaroring happens when it rains, which is hardly ever. I ignored most of it while I was doing coursework. It was that sort of race. Think IRL at Sonoma, you won’t be far off.

Much more interesting was the Live Fast Racing podcast, and I’m still two behind, I listened to #19 about two days before they released #21. I will catch up! Jeff has one as well now, which I’m looking forward to hearing (sorry for not getting around to it yet).

After this exam I’ll catch up on podcasts and a couple of races, and write the first in a series of ‘top driver’ posts. I haven’t decided whether I’ll do Top Tens or just the ones I think did well, could be 8, could be 11… I mean what if there aren’t ten? Or what if it was a great year and the 11th is actually really good?
What I’d like to do is finish it off with the Top Drivers Of The Year (all series combined), a la the annual Autosport Xmas Bumper Issue. I feel I should do some form of quantitive analysis in Excel, a few years ago I would have. But I think I’ll do this the old-fashioned way – gut feel.

Music recommendation: Sigur Rós – Hoppipola
On condition you only watch that video on a cold night, with lights turned down low, preferably wearing headphones. It might be best to ignore the vid and just listen.

See also:
Untitled 1 [Vaka] and especially Svefn-g-Englar.

There are lots of others, go from there to the tracks page and press the little play buttons, anything at random.

I promise to suggest something more up tempo and rockier next time!

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