Weekend Preview: 21-22 February 2009

It’s all about A1 and NASCAR this weekend, and in the UK both of these will air live on Sky Sports 2.

A1GP World Cup
– Gauteng (5/?)
– Kyalami
– South Africa
– Website: www.a1gp.com

The World Cup of Motorsport pays its first visit to Kyalami, although for some reason A1GP calls it Gauteng. South African rounds were previously held on a street track by the beach in Durban which was far too narrow, there were always silly little crashes at the hairpin first turn, but despite that it was still entertaining! Let’s see how the newer bigger cars get on at the former home of the South African Grand Prix.
(I put a question mark in the # of rounds section above, ‘cos really, who knows?)

British air time: Sunday 11:30am GMT, Sky Sports 2
Elsewhere: check listings or use a1gp.com

NASCAR Sprint Cup
– Auto Club 500 (2/36)
– Auto Club Speedway (which is really California Speedway)
– Fontana, California, United States

I’m not sure why, but NASCAR thought it would be idea to make the teams drive from Florida to California in a few days between a couple of 500 mile races. Good plan, NASCAR, nothing like tiring out your teams at the very beginning of a 36 race season. Tune in to see how the boys cope. It’ll be late here and I’ll be sleeping.

British air time: 11pm GMT, Sky Sports 2
American air time: 5pm EST, FOX

Support races at Fontana include:

NASCAR Nationwide Series
– Stater Bros 300

:shrug: I know nothing.

British air time: Not found.
American air time: Saturday 7pm EST, ESPN2

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
– San Bernadino County 200

Is that a local county? If they are sponsoring it, times must be tight..

British air time: Not found.
American air time: Saturday 3pm, FOX

Seems the 3rd tier event gets to run on Fox while the 2nd tier doesn’t, not sure of the logic but there you go.

* * *

This is all very interesting but probably the most interesting events of the next seven days happens on Tuesday where we will have two important announcements:

1) USF1 making an announcement on SPEED.
2) BBC announcing full details of their F1 coverage, I’m looking forward to that more than the USF1!

Okay, have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Preview: 21-22 February 2009”

  1. Fontana (or Fontucky, as we disaffectionately call it here in the Coastal area) is smack-dab in the middle of San Bernardino County. The whole region ‘out there’ is referred to as “the Inland Empire”…and they can have it. It’s like two different planets, from the coast (LB Grand Prix) to Fontana is only about a 1-hour drive, but you’d think you’d gone to another country in the topography, the climate, the mullets…Nationwide is the primary feeder/training series for the Cup series. It is typically overrun with drivers from the Cup series, which helps fill seats, theoretically helps the upcoming drivers learn how to run with the Big Dogs, etc. It also gives the teams (who also double) input about tires, etc…even though the cars are very different now.It’ll be interesting to see how things go in South Africa this weekend. Do you suppose that Bernie’s traveling circus might ever return there? F1 left ’cause of the Apartheid (sp?) issue if I recall. Imagine the big picture in terms of coming full circle if Lewis Hamilton went in there and won…


  2. “Tune in to see how the boys cope. It’ll be late here and I’ll be sleeping.”It’s right in the middle of my day, and if it’s on the TV at my house, I’ll be sleeping, too. Fontana is booooooring for stock cars.


  3. Thanks Mike, although to be fair I already expected most NASCAR fans to have mullets anyway.F1 has outgrown Kyalami and it’ll never go back without a Donington-style makeover, although with the World Cup there next year I wouldn’t rule that out.I actually won’t be watching A1GP either this weekend as I still haven’t caught up with the earlier races and I don’t want to get out of sequence. I’ll have to do an A1 binge soon.


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