F1 Qualifying – Australia 2009

Qualifying results for the 2009 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, Melbourne

Here are the results for each of the three qualifying sessions, plus the starting order after penalties were applied. I am considering whether to post this for each F1 and IndyCar race this season, time permitting. Let me know what you think, is it better to get this info from the racing news sites?

Format: 3-round knockout losing 5 drivers per round, those 5 are locked in that position barring penalties. Times are deleted and the next round begins. In the final round the drivers carry the fuel they will start the race with. I’ll post each session so you can see the progression.

Qual 1
(20 mins, low fuel)
1. Barrichello (Brawn)
2. Button (Brawn)
3. Webber (Red Bull)
4. Glock (Toyota)
5. Heidfeld (BMW)
6. Massa (Ferrari)
7. Rosberg (Williams)
8. Raikkonen (Ferrari)
9. Kubica (BMW)
10. Vettel (Red Bull)
11. Alonso (Renault)
12. Nakajima (Williams)
13. Kovalainen (McLaren)
14. Trulli (Toyota)
15. Hamilton (McLaren)
Knocked out:
16. Buemi (Toro Rosso)
17. Piquet (Renault)
18. Fisichella (Force India)
19. Sutil (Force India)
20. Bourdais (Toro Rosso)

Qual 2

(15 mins, low fuel)
1. Barrichello
2. Button
3. Vettel
4. Rosberg
5. Kubica
6. Webber
7. Trulli
8. Glock
9. Massa
10. Raikkonen
Knocked out:
11. Heidfeld
12. Alonso
13. Nakajima
14. Kovalainen
15. Hamilton (no time – gearbox)

Qual 3
(10 mins, race fuel)
1. Button
2. Barrichello
3. Vettel
4. Kubica
5. Rosberg
6. Glock
7. Massa
8. Trulli
9. Raikkonen
10. Webber

Hamilton – gearbox changed after qualifying, drop 5 positions. 15th to 20th.
Trulli and Glock – wings found to be flexing illegally, qualifying times deleted, cars may start at the back if the wing is corrected.

Starting Order
(new for 2009: weights are declared after qualifying)
1. Button 664.5kg
2. Barrichello 666.5kg
3. Vettel 657kg
4. Kubica 650kg
5. Rosberg 657kg
6. Massa 654kg
7. Raikkonen 655.5kg
8. Webber 662kg
9. Heidfeld 691.5kg
10. Alonso 680.7kg
11. Nakajima 685.3kg
12. Kovalainen 690.6kg
13. Buemi 675.5kg
14. Nelson Piquet 694.1kg
15. Giancarlo Fisichella 689kg
16. Adrian Sutil 684.5kg
17. Sebastien Bourdais 662.5kg
18. Lewis Hamilton 655kg
19. Jarno Trulli 660kg
20. Timo Glock 670kg

The Brawns are exceptionally fast even on a heavier fuel load – will they have the reliability though? What of Vettel up front, surely Kubica will have something to say about that? And I’m still not counting out the Ferraris who are fast on longer runs through a stint.
The Toyotas were showing upper-midfield pace so ought to find their way through the field well enough, but I’m not so sure Hamilton will be able to!

Turns 1 and 3 at Albert Park always provides butt-clenching action as we hope nobody crashes or destroys front wings, concerns magnified with this year’s wing regulations. Let’s hope they make some good clean passes!

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