Red Bull’s mistake

Today one of our fellow humble bloggers received a letter from a Formula 1 team – not just any Formula 1 team but the very group he spends his time blogging about, you see his is a blog devoted to the Red Bull F1 family of Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso. Fantastic! Or so you might think.. read his own words..:

Excitedly I opened it, wondering what was contained inside. My enthusiasm quickly turned to sheer bewilderment when I realised that I had in fact received a letter from Red Bull’s legal people with regards to this blog.

..and the words of Red Bull:

Your use of the domain names and the Bull Logo misrepresents some affiliation between the famous Red Bull brand and the Websites. Potentially, this could confuse members of the public.

Utter stupidity! Confuse the public? How? Perhaps they think there is money being made? It’s a fan blog. Someone writing positive stories about his favourite racing team. I’m sure we’re all fans of the atmosphere Red Bull brought into what had become a stale F1 paddock even if we may not be fans of the team. Personally I respect them a lot but I’m generally indifferent, but that’s irrelevant. I like the things they do elsewhere such as the Red Bull Air Race World Series and sponsorships throughout motorsport. RBR/STR are good teams. But let’s face it there aren’t many Red Bull Racing fan sites out there, so why try to stamp out this one?

Quite rightly he’s decided to close the blog rather than agree to strict terms of operating, and that’s a shame.

Let’s hope sense returns to the legal department on Monday and they reconsider stripping one of their biggest supporters of his freedom to big ’em up.

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