F1 World Feed Intros

Question: Are you ready for the new F1 season to begin less than 5 hours from now? Maybe you’re killing time waiting for it to start, maybe you’re not quite into the frame of mind just yet. I’m not quite there yet either, almost like there’s something missing.

I noticed in the qualifying coverage that FOM have designed a revised sting for when we enter ‘world feed’ coverage. This is the official F1 logo which appears just minutes before qualifying or racing begins, when the action switches from anchors to commentators. Let’s take a quick trip through memory lane*.

* assuming FOM hasn’t pulled them from YouTube!

This is the classic version used through the 1990s, arguably still the greatest:

This is the version used since 2002 or 2003 which we are all very familiar with, more corporate but perhaps a little bit bland:

Here is the 2009 edition, updating the theme of the previous version – I like it!:

So, ready yet? Almost, but not quite.

How about the BBC’s first intro of the season? If you don’t know anything about the BBC’s prior stint from the 1970s to 1996 you might not know they used The Chain by Fleetwood Mac as the theme tune. When it was announced the BBC would be returning for 2009 after a spell with ITV, internet fora (including the BBC’s own) immediately exploded with demands that The Chain be reinstated in it’s original form after ITV had used completely different intros. You can search YouTube if you want to see the ITV intros or classic BBC.

Right now though, this was the BBC introduction to qualifying:


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