To London!

Tomorrow I and a large group of fellow listeners to the world’s greatest F1 podcast will be hooking up with show host Christine and her trusty sidekick known only as ‘Me’ (or Mr.C). We’ll take a wander around the Science Museum in London where the McLaren F1 team have set up a series of exhibits under the title, “20 Ways F1 Is Changing Our World”.

There’s a lot cool techie stuff about applying F1 knowledge to real life and I think there will be about 20 of us going so it should be a lot of fun!

Here is the Sidepodcast post about the meetup including a video from the BBC which I think is UK-only but others might as well give it a go anyway.
Here is the Science Museum web page about it all and the New Scientist had a gallery of it. I hope to bring you a little report on Thursday as well as some photos if they’ll allow us to take any. I also hope to make use of Twitter and Twitpic from my mobile, if I can get them working.

I’ve been to London several times before but only once in the guise of a motorsport fan, this back in 2004 for the “F1 In Regent Street” demo runs where I stood three feet from F1 cars and didn’t see a single one! Pics! But don’t click that, there’s nothing there worth looking at.
Let’s hope that hyped up F1 fans will not be blocking all of the exhibits tomorrow in a frenzy of excitement. Look, a KERS device, crowd around it!

You may think I am mad for going all the way to London to meet some internet people in a museum, and you would be right. I started to wonder about my sanity when I saw the increased train prices..


2 thoughts on “To London!”

  1. Jealous! About both the London Science Museum and the Sidpodcast meetup! You got me well and truly (or is that well and Trulli?) hooked on their stuff a month or two ago, so I’m definitely more than a little jealous about being able to meet up with a bunch of like-minded F1 fans. I guess I’ll have to settle for the Curt Cavin Burger Bash at Indy…Anyway, enjoy!


  2. Nice one Andy! The museum was something of a let down but in all honesty that wasn’t the reason for going, it was an excuse to meet up with all these great people.They recorded an impromptu podcast 5 minutes from the museum in Hyde Park, it’ll be on the site soon. I said a few words..In return I’m slightly jealous at you for the Burger Bash, last year’s sounded excellent.


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