Belated Thursday Thoughts: An F1 Christmas

I have been offline for a few days after my computer’s power supply decided to fail, I am glad to say I’m back now and here is my belated response to the most recent Thursday Thoughts question, this time posed by Gavin from Making Up The Numbers.

What do you want to get F1 for Christmas and why?

The first thing I would get is clip ’round the ear for Michael Schumacher for considering a return to racing. I can see that it’ll be really interesting to see how he’ll get on after some time away and with a new team, albeit still working with Ross Brawn. I just don’t want him back, we’ve moved on from that era. Still, I suppose it prevents him from being Todt’s F1 Commissioner so that’s one positive.

I would buy a new online timing/telemetry system for and it would include video options. And it would work.

I’d buy Peter Sauber a huge thank you present for saving the team he created so long ago. Anything he wants. I had a soft-spot for that team during the late 90s, despite their Ferrari-leanings and my bias against Ferrari in that era. Peter is one of the good guys and I’m so glad he’s still in F1.

I’d get the four new teams some good-luck charms. Horse’s shoes, four-leaf clovers, that sort of thing because frankly they need it. I wish them well and will give them the benefit of the doubt – for a little while anyway. They’ve got a difficult year ahead.

Finally, if I had the money I would give every motorsport blogger and podcaster (and regular commenters) free tickets to an event – the same event, so that we could have one mega-big meetup. It could be Goodwood, or an F1 GP, or Le Mans.
I’ve really enjoyed this new world of blogging get even bigger in 2009 than it was in 2008, reading and hearing what everyone has to say, and even more than that I’ve enjoyed the meetups held during the year and this would be my way of saying thanks to you all.

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