F1 Minute Video

F1 Minute is now available as a video podcast!

I like to plug the work other people are doing if I enjoy it, and our favourite purveyor of minute-long daily audio news updates is now conducting a trial in video form.

Here is the first video, which is for the update of January 4th:

(embedding broke with the transition to WordPress, see link)

Keep in touch with new releases at F1Minute.com’s video section (or via DailyMotion or YouTube), there is a slight lag at the moment while they find their feet but they’ll soon be released in sync with the audio version. For the moment I’ll keep the audio player embedded here on this blog, if you prefer to use that.

Tangentially, F1Minute.com is also the home of F1 Big Picture which is always worth a look, and a good place to source the text from original press releases from teams and the FIA. I think it is an under-appreciated site so let’s give it some love.


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