Inspiration Required

I hope you’ll permit me a moment of non-racing talk, this is quite a self-serving post and I apologise for that!

After 18 months of blogging here on the Blogger platform I have decided to move over to WordPress. This won’t be a for a couple of weeks as I have yet to open an account with them, it’ll definitely be by the end of this month.


I’ve had a good time using Blogger. It is a great introduction into the world of blogging and if you are a newbie as I was, I recommend it. There aren’t a hundred controls and settings to get lost in, you just set up the layout and the colours and start writing. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to have a blog and it was great to try it out, gradually adding and tweaking bits here and there. Now I feel the content I want to put on the blog means I need to have those extra controls you find on other services, hence the need to move.

This is where you come in.

I’ve long felt the name ‘Too Much Racing’ has been too negative. It was always intended to convey my inability to cover as much of the sport as I wanted to and I think it does that, unfortunately it also comes over as quite negative and as if I’m complaining about all the racing. I’m not, I love it!

I need a new name for the new blog. I am struggling to find one. In fact I’ve been struggling with this for a while and have asked for opinions in various places, when I came to the obvious conclusion – comments make a blog what it is, so why not ask the commenters here?

Do you have any ideas for a name suitable for the new blog? Like this blog it will cover or at least intend to cover F1, IndyCar, GP2, Le Mans, other sportcars, and hopefully more. The main focus is F1 and I like to dip into the other stuff when time allows.

– Preferably indicates it is a multi-series blog.
– Positive or neutral-sounding.
– Nothing overly cheesy (I can come up with those myself!).
– It can be any length as long as it can be shortened for domain name and Twitter purposes.

Naturally I make no guarantees that it’ll get used, and I get to use the name for free..

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


13 thoughts on “Inspiration Required”

  1. -More Racing Than You Can Shake a Stick At-The All Racing Blog-So Much Racing-Lotta F'n Racing!-24/7 Racingthese ideas maybe aren't winners but maybe they'll help spark something for you


  2. Something technical based, like Full Throttle, Gear Shift, Racing Line, At The Limit… don't know, just throwing out examples of what I mean even if none are particular suitable. Perhaps combine with the word Blog, or Discussion, or Musings, etc. Full Throttle Ramblings or something like that.


  3. >Guys, full Throttle is already taken! Sorry Dylan I hadn't looked to see what was taken.How about The car's the star, speed junkie or words to that effect… this requires more thought.


  4. Thanks, great ideas!I like 'The All Racing Blog' although in the UK that could get confused for horse racing – I suppose that's true of anything with 'racing' in the name though.Maverick has got me thinking of all sorts of combinations, I've not yet found one that grabs me but I'll keep trying.How about I Like Racing, or I Heart Racing…


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