Welcome to the new home of Too Much Racing!

Thank you everybody who’s helped me over on the old site, whether by reading, commenting, plugging or whatever else you’ve done. The growth in readership over the 18 months since I started has been beyond anything I could have hoped for and it encourages me to continue, just as I hope you’ll continue reading.

Thanks especially to those who assisted with my minor crisis in choosing a future name for the blog. I’ve decided to make use of a function here on WordPress that is not offered by Blogger, and that’s having a different title to the URL. For the time being I’m going to call this blog ‘I Watch Too Much Racing‘. I’ll probably take a photo of my TV and have that as a logo or something.

So this is it, the new home. I think it looks a lot more slick and professional. I suppose I now have to make sure the writing matches up to it! I like the extra space it provides, I’m not restricted by the narrowness of the template I was using in Blogger and I didn’t like the alternatives there, plus I can add a whole lot more links and I’m all about sharing what other people are doing (particular between circles that don’t usually mix), as anyone following on Twitter will probably know.

WordPress does have limitations – I can’t embed the F1 Minute player or the Google Calendar, so I’ve had to improvise and provide links to each series’ calendar in the sidebar. Just click the link and that championship will appear, then down at the bottom right is an ‘add’ button, click that to add to your Google Calendar.
On the whole I think these shortcomings are a small price to pay for the many gains in other areas.

I think that’s it for this post, please bear with me while I learn the various admin features here, there are a lot more of them than on Blogger – and let’s not knock Blogger. It is a great place to get started in blogging without getting surrounded by confusing options and if you are thinking about starting a blog but aren’t sure if you’d like it, I recommend using it to find your feet or if you just want a space to write in.


8 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. New site is looking good and I can use blockquotes here 🙂

    Thanks for today, I had a wonderful time at Autosport and Karting, it’s lovely to meet our extended family of bloggers.


  2. “a function here on WordPress that is not offered by Blogger, and that’s having a different title to the URL”

    What do you mean by that? My blog’s full title is called la Bitácora Autitista de NaBUru38 and its blogger website is naburu38.blogspot.com, so there you go.


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