2nd Furious Wedge Blogathon

The drop of the green flag for the start of the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona today will also signal the start of the 2nd Annual Furious Wedge Blogathon, featuring 24 hours of continuous blogging about Daytona and a host of other sports happening during the race

The Furious Wedge is a blog covering IndyCar racing and a variety of American ball sports so these (plus Daytona) will be the focus of attention.

Last year Allen Wedge and Ron Furious took on this mammoth task by themselves, and I believe Allen was the only one crazy enough to stick the whole 24 hours. This year they’ve called upon the assistance and resources of the IndyCar bloggers to support them.

Madly, I have been asked to take part, and since I know only a little about Indycar and almost absolutely nothing about the Daytona 24, NFL, MLB, NHL and the rest, I of course agreed without hesitation. I was promised a live chat roundtable discussion and some Mario Kart, who could say no? My only task is to stay awake long enough.

The other bloggers expected to take part are: Roy from Silent Pagoda, Andy from The Speedgeek, James from 16th and Georgetown, George from Oil Pressure, Paul from the Planet-IRL empire, Will from Is It May Yet?, Tony from Pop-Off Valve and the blogging luminaries Jeff from MyNameIsIRL and the master himself, Bill from Pressdog.

Check the inaugural FW podcast for more details, and be sure to read this preview post.

I’m not quite sure what I’m letting myself in for.


5 thoughts on “2nd Furious Wedge Blogathon”

  1. I am irate that you’re not promising coverage of snooker and darts. And yes, I do consider those as sports, since I’d like to think of myself as somewhat “atheletic”, as in, I’m atheletic enough to play those. If it’s physical, and can be won through quantitative means (i.e. no judges), it’s a sport.

    See you at The ‘Wedge.


  2. I should have said that I’m irate that snooker and darts are not available to be covered. Shane Rogers was able to provide cricket coverage. Are you just going to sit and let the Aussies ouutdo you? What can the Brits do for us today?


  3. Ah I was out so wasn’t able to bring you delights of the Welsh Open snooker, the Ski Jumping, or Manchester City vs Portsmouth in the Premier League.


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