TMR Game – Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the Too Much Racing Game!

It is not too late to join in, the big scoring hasn’t started yet!

This post contains a summary of how to enter for Week 4, the results from Week 3, and a few notes about Week 4’s racing.


If you are short on time and want to cut straight to it, just reply to this post with your picks for this weekend’s racing. There is only one race this week and that’s NASCAR at Fontana. This means I can be flexible with the deadline a little so let’s make it Friday 19th February at 11.59pm GMT. That’s 6.59pm US Eastern. As there’s only one race you may only pick 7 drivers. Best of luck!

For those who want more detail, read on.


If you are new to the game, it is simply this:  Make a weekly pick of up to 10 drivers from a mix of racing series.

You might be a specialist in one championship and know nothing about the others – it doesn’t matter.
You might know a small amount about lots of series – it doesn’t matter. Or you might be a racing geek like me.
If following several series isn’t for you, how about setting yourself the challenge of only playing with F1 and ex-F1 drivers, or ex-IndyCar, or whatever else?

The game is just for fun, to see what would happen if you created a ‘pickem’ style game with lots of races, and is my way of spreading a little bit of knowledge of the racing world. Most of us when asked can name one rally driver, one IndyCar driver, one NASCAR driver, one sportscar driver – even if we know nothing else about the series. You’d be surprised how much you do know.

Don’t worry if you didn’t enter the first few weeks – score well and you’ll be in the pack in no time. Or just play for fun! This week and next week only feature a single event so at first you may not close in, be aware though, when more events appear there will be a big opportunity to make some gains.

How To Enter

1. Reply to this post.

2. List up to 10 drivers, with no more than 7 from a single event. In weeks with only one event you may only pick a total of 7 drivers. If you pick 8 or more for one event, I will take your first 7.

3. Send your entry before the stated deadline, usually some time on a Friday.

That’s it!

Game News

I am likely to retain the midnight closing time as the regular cut-off, the exception being weeks with WRC rounds which hold a full day’s running on a Friday. Please note for future weeks if this post has not appeared and you’re unable to wait you can email me your picks and I will publish them here.

I’ve added the event schedule to the Game sub-page, so now you can check out what’s happening in future weeks if you want to plan ahead. I will shortly update that page with the current results.

Week 3 – Results

Here are the scores from Week 3, which covered the NASCAR Daytona 500 and the WRC Rally Sweden.

Player NASCAR WRC Week 3
1 RG 121 180 301
2 James 119 153 272
3 Dank 39 218 257
4 Sebastian 23 216 239
5 The Speedgeek 44 189 233
6 Burwellian 73 159 232
7 Sean 37 190 227
8 Pat W 87 121 208
9 Jon Waldock 33 153 186
10 Startledbunny 21 21
11 Jackie 20 20

Well done to RG, who remains unbeaten! You were the only player to have every one of their drivers score double-figures.

Sean commented last week that WRC drivers was the way to go because anything could happen on a restrictor plate oval, and he was proven correct – nearly all of the top NASCAR picks were low-scorers while almost all of the top WRC drivers placed well.

Note that Startledbunny and Jackie both picked up  ‘carryover’ scores as they’d picked Juan Montoya for the Daytona 24 Hours and their entries rolled forward into the 500. Jimmie Johnson gave SB an extra point. I will score any carryovers regardless of whether they change series, the exception being if they race in two events in one week in which case you must nominate one (no nomination means I’ll score them in their ‘regular’ series/event).

Overall Standings:

Pos +/- Name Prior Wk 3 Total
1 1 RG 143 301 444
2 6 James 109 272 381
3 5 Dank 118 257 375
4 3 The Speedgeek 133 233 366
5 2 Pat W 134 208 342
6 7 Burwellian 106 232 338
7 8 Jon Waldock 105 186 291
8 10 Sebastian 0 239 239
9 11 Sean 0 227 227
10 4 Startledbunny 121 21 142
11 9 Jackie 99 20 119

EDIT – this is an updated table, thanks Sean

RG extends hislead, and well done to James and Dank for moving into the top three.

New players Sebastian and Sean enter the game in 8th and 9th, ahead of Startledbunny and Jackie (who didn’t enter) by virtue of their being two races this week compared to only one when they entered.

There isn’t much else to read into the table at this early stage.

Week 4 – Races

There is only one race this week, that is NASCAR Sprint Cup’s Auto Club 500 held at Auto Club Speedway (formerly California Speedway) in Fontana, California. It is another restrictor plate superspeedway so again is something of a lottery, it is impossible to say whether we’ll see high scores or low so I guess that’s a licence to be creative with your picks! How lucky do you feel?

Here is the entry list for this race. Note there are 46 entries for 43 grid spots so you may want to look at the points to get a rough idea, but as I say, superspeedway so anything can happen and anyone can be involved in near-inevitable ‘Big One’.

Good luck!


12 thoughts on “TMR Game – Week 4”

  1. Blimey, you got it all messed up, you bloke.

    Shouldn’t it be:

    5…Pat W…134…208…342
    7…Jon Waldock…105…186…291

    The order is the same but you seem to have gotten several of the week 2 point totals messed up in the overall standings.


  2. Okay, this week’s picks:

    I’m going to take a guess that Roush will be back after a disastrous season and they tend to romp on the cookie cutters; I think Kahne, effectively driving a Roush car and a cookie-cutter master will benefit from it as well, especially in a contract year to try to keep him from bolting (without him Richard Petty Motorsports topples like a house of cards). Gibbs has been a little down on the cookie cutters recently and that’s the only reason Kyle Busch isn’t winning 10 races a year. I’m still gonna take him though pretty much every week on the Cup schedule.

    So I’ll go with:

    Jimmie Johnson
    Mark Martin
    Matt Kenseth
    Greg Biffle
    Carl Edwards
    Kasey Kahne
    Kyle Busch


  3. Uh oh, I knew I’d go wrong somewhere 🙂
    Thanks for pointing it out, I was chopping and changing the way I laid out the tables and I’ve obviously mis-sorted a list somewhere along the way! I will update the main post.


  4. I’m brilliant at this 🙂

    Max Papis
    Kyle Busch
    AJ Almendinger
    Dale Earndhart Jr
    Jimmie Johnson
    Ryan Newman
    Jeff Gordon


  5. Kyle Busch
    Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    Greg Biffle
    Kevin Harvick
    Martin Truex Jr.
    Juan Pablo Montoya
    Jeff Gordon


  6. Yep, very much back to the normal suspects of NASCAR this week, so my hero last week – Jamie McMurray – is out despite managing to make me look like sort of genius thanks to his presence in all my fantasy teams.

    Here’s this weeks seven

    Kasey Kahne
    Jeff Gordon
    Kevin Harvick
    Carl Edwards
    Kurt Busch
    Jimmie Johnson
    Mark Martin

    Oh, and as a dark horse (that means don’t include in my picks) Marcos Ambrose.


  7. NASCAR:

    Jimmie Johnson
    Jeff Gordon
    Mark Martin
    Kurt Busch
    Denny Hamlin
    Tony Stewart
    Greg Biffle


  8. I nearly forgot to play my own game.. that would be embarrassing!

    Jimmie Johnson
    Juan Pablo Montoya
    Kasey Kahne
    Jeff Gordon
    Tony Stewart
    Kyle Busch
    Mark Martin


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