Busy Busy

The biggest race in the world, no matter what the people of Indy may say. Le Mans is fantastic. It is also remarkably hard to follow.

I’m juggling two commentary teams: Radio Le Mans and Eurosport. Each have their merits, it gets particularly tough to choose when the excellent combo of Martin Haven and Jeremy Shaw are on Eurosport – them or Hindy & Co? RLM has more info but the feed keeps stopping.

I won’t be able to see the whole race, I’m going for a sleep stint later and I’m going to have to miss the final couple of hours for a family thing, but I’m expecting the race to be sewn up with 2hrs to go – the last hour is just a parade anyway. The real racing is happening right now – from the start until 6am. That’s when the time is made up, and lost.

Add to this the complication of F1 qualifying and the rather big World Cup game of England vs USA and this Saturday is non-stop! Love it though..

Come on England!

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