Blogger Swap Shop: Perception

As part of the VivaF1 Blogger Swap Shop, I was given the honour of writing for the host blog of the Swap.

Please be sure to head over to VivaF1 to read my thoughts on the perception, talent and prestige of racing drivers both in and out of Formula 1, and where I question what could have been. Enjoy.

If you missed it before, Leigh from the F1 & Motorsports Archive was guest blogger on this very site, you can read his excellent post right here.


3 thoughts on “Blogger Swap Shop: Perception”

  1. I have been so impressed by the quality of the blogging from everyone who has taken part so far. It’s as if taking people from the comfort zone of their own blogs has been the perfect challenge and from the comments received so far, people seem to have had fun in the process. I’ve personally found a few new blogs that I’d never read before that I’d missed out on. But amidst the enjoyment I’ve had, Kimster has been inspired to take the plunge and start a brand new blog of his own. I think that’s the ultimate success… might try this again during the off-season!


  2. I think everyone has really risen to the occasion and stepped up a level. I’ve enjoyed it all thoroughly and I’m glad Kimster has a blog now 🙂

    Definitely repeat it. Allen seems keen to do a North American edition (, and over the winter there’s room to try a few things.

    Will you be posting a round-up with links?


  3. Yep I am intending to do a round-up but thought I’d wait another day or so to see if Joebob, F1Weekender and AnF1Blog manage to get their posts done first. I’ll give it until Thursday I think.


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